Let’s Party – Ultimate Blog Party 2013

I came across a great blog party (introduced to it by Janine over at True Aim Education) and I thought, “Hey, I love a party!  I want to go!” The party is hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom and is intended to introduce and meet new friends through lots of great events!  Oh, and there are prizes!  Sounds good right? See why I invited myself?

Ultimate Blog Party 2013

Since I am crashing the party, I thought I would bring a party game, just to get the conversation started.

I read a tweet on twitter from Dreft this week that really got me thinking.

If you could have a personal staff of 5 positions, with no worries about money or practicality, what would they be?

I’ll go first:

  1. massage therapist – Seriously, they would come over when I want them to and give me a massage.  Maybe it is just my back talking, but this mama would pay almost anything for some serious long-term relief.
  2. secretary – I can barely get the bills paid on time (working on it) and deal with all the paper that floats through this house.
  3. personal Starbucks Barista – and they would provide the materials to make my favorite drinks according to my whims.
  4. personal trainer – thankfully, I have lost all the baby weight (plus a little), but I need some toning and I need to be in shape.  Oh to have the time and money for one of these!
  5. a mother’s helper – do these exist anymore?  I would love someone to help me with the kids, but I still want to be with them all day!  I love what I do as a homemaker, but it is truly a LOT of work.  It would be nice to have an extra set of hands when my husband is not home.

That was fun!  Now for a little bit about this here blog.

I am a wife of almost 9 years to a wonderful man and we have a wonderful love story that only God Himself could have written.  I was a stay at home wife for most of those years until that same love-story-writing-God blessed us with a little girl (G) almost 2 years ago and then blessed us again 16 months later with another little girl (W).  I also lead a Precept Bible study to a local group.  Oh, and I love coffee and puzzles.

our girls_opt

I started this blog in hopes of sharing four aspects of my life: homekeeping (Nest Building), child rearing (Growing Up), devotion, and finances (Pennies from Heaven).  I am still getting this plane in the air, but I have really enjoyed the connections I have made through this outlet.  I also enjoy getting the ideas I have with G and W on paper, so I remember what we did.

So what about you?  What 5 people would you employ with your imaginary unlimited resources?  Are you stopping by through the Blog Party?  Please leave a comment and let me know more about you!


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  1. Nice to ‘meet’ you!! You have adorable kids! As for your question, I would probably have everything you said. Love it!

    1. ussleah

      Nice to meet you too! Wouldn’t it be grand to have all the help we needed?

  2. Maria

    Nice to “meet” you. I am visiting from the Ultimate Blog Party and I am enjoying exploring your blog! All the best of luck in “getting the plane in the air”! And I think you are off to a great start! I have been trying to do the same – get my teaching ideas in the air by transferring them into a blog. Hope you can stop by and check

    1. ussleah

      Hi Maria! Thanks for stopping by and wishing me well. I stopped by your site and loved your tip for getting kids to practice with the number – I probably could have used that when I was in band all those years ago! But for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to leave a comment on your site. I know my mommy brain is in full effect, but I really did try. I hope you stop by here and let me know how I can connect with you! Blessings!

  3. Jackie Higgins

    Hey! Stopping by from UBP. I was already following you via FB, but just wanted to stop by your blog and say “Hey!” I love your party game. I agree with the secretary, personal trainer, and mother’s helper, but I’d have to add maid and chef, then my life would be AMAZING– well, as long as that chef would make me coffee in the morning, otherwise, I’ll have to fire her and bring in the Starbucks Barista idea. Ok, time to stop dreaming. Stop by ready-set-read.com if you get a chance! Thanks, Jackie

    1. ussleah

      Hi Jackie! Yes, I would fire that chef, too. Coffee is more important some days than food and water, right? What a dream it would be. Thanks for being a facebook follower (so few are, you are part of an extremely exclusive group-ha!). I stopped by your site and am in love! Blessings!

  4. Sara Nicholas

    Hi Leah!! Love your question. Here are my top 5:
    1. Chef (I just can’t get into cooking! I love eating healthy and would have no problem if somebody else was preparing meals)
    2. Personal Trainer (love to exercise just have a lack of time and probably need someone screaming in my face to get me more motivated)
    3. Driver (It’s for all of our safety really. I’m the person on the road oblivious to the fact that I’m going too slow. And I will wait for 5 or more minutes to turn left safely……with a line behind me.)
    4. On-call babysitter for the times Ben is working both jobs for days in a row and I am sometimes forced to take kids with me to the grocery store….never ends well. (Or I spend too much because I can’t think around chaos.)
    5. I’m hesitant to want a housekeeper because I actually enjoy doing it my self though nobody would be able to tell based on the condition of my home at any given time. It’s screaming for help…..but I keep thinking I can get it under control myself. My current excuse is my part time job is stealing my time. (But somehow my house was never clean even when I was at home with the kids). It may be a permanent flaw! Noooooo….I don’t accept that! 😉

    I really enjoy reading your blog!

    1. ussleah

      Love your picks for employees. Now if we just had the money to actually hire these people. One can dream, right?

  5. Jessica

    1. Housekeeper
    2. Chef
    3. Personal Trainer
    4. Lawn/Garden Guy
    5. Massage Therapist

    I figure with all of that we can spend all of our time with our kids and not have to worry about the “basics”. haha

    I found you from UBP 2013. 🙂

    1. ussleah

      OH, I forgot the lawn and garden guy! I’ll get my husband to add him to his list (he gets to hire 5 people, too).

  6. Conni

    What a great game idea!
    1. a chef love great food but making it is another matter. I have some meals down to an art but planning and coming up with new meals is something I would give to another
    2. a secretary I would so appreciate someone to type for me – it’s an arthritis thing
    3. someone to iron Mama taught me to iron and while I really enjoy the chore, the energy level isn’t there, so I would love to have help
    4. an organizer when God gave out organizational skills, I was behind the door (as Leah well knows) it would be awesome to have a weekly organizer
    5. a listener and reminder at this age, it would be nice to have both without burdening my poor hubby

    Leah, thanks for this fun game and thanks for your awesome blog relating to all the moms and wives.

    1. ussleah

      I like these! They are so creative – I would have someone do my ironing, but it is so rare (although the pile has gotten large lately!).
      Thanks for the encouragement!

  7. Coffee Lovin Mom

    Hi Leah – I really agree with the massage therapist, with the personal trainer must come a personal chef – package deal – and of course the personal barista . Add in a personal shopper so I don’t have to do the grocery shopping and a laundry doer/put awayer and you have yourself a deal. Hope you enjoy the party!

  8. Tulip

    What a fun question! Love it. A personal cook, a house keeper, a personal assistant (for the blog), a personal shopper to buy me cute outfits, and I’ll steal your first one a massage therapist 🙂 You have so many great ideas here on Simple Home, I love to share them!

    1. ussleah

      Thanks so much Janine! Your encouragement means so much to me. I love the idea of a personal shopper – I did a little of that for some of my clients a LONG time ago!

  9. Sherry Ann

    Hi Leah! You have a gorgeous family. I thought that I would pay you a visit, since you stopped over at my blog. I will definitely keep checking in….I love the desert!

    1. ussleah

      Thanks so much for stopping by and saying hi, Sherry Ann! Look forward to seeing you around here more often.

  10. Poekitten

    What a great question! I’d also have a personal massage therapist. I’d also have a housekeeper (I hate cleaning), a gardener (for the actual garden. DH like mowing the lawn), a personal trainer and a personal shopper.

    You’re girls are adorable:)

    1. ussleah

      Those are great options. Can I increase my staff to include one more person who does all the things I forgot to mention? If we are pretending, can’t we do that? Thanks for stopping by and playing our party game!

  11. mommaren

    Visiting from UBP! It seems all us moms would like the same sort of help in our lives! I need a chef here the most 🙂 A massage therapist to do a light, relaxing massage at night to put me to sleep and a deep, stronger massage in the morning to energize and help me wake up. Will be following ~

  12. Insane Mamacita

    Hey there! Visiting from the UBP!

    I love your question. Such a tough one to think about. Here are my five:

    1. Massage Therapist (definitely!)
    2. Chef (I am not a great cook, DH does most of the cooking but he is getting tired of hearing “I don’t know” when he asks what we should have for supper)
    3. Housekeeper (I would love someone else to do the cleaning and folding laundry, that is my most dreaded chore, sometimes the laundry sits for two weeks in the basket)
    4. Personal assistant (to help me get organized, even for a librarian like myself I still need help in that area)
    5. Personal shopper (I don’t like grocery shopping or clothes shopping, for myself especially. When it comes to buying clothes for the boys, that is easy!)

    Glad to have met you!

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