Saturday Stroll

We took a couple of weeks off there, but we are back and moving on a Saturday.  This week we took it pretty easy around here, trying to recover from various ailments.  Since I last posted, we have had lots of things happen.  We finally decided to bite the bullet and purchase our next family vehicle.  God provided the money and a great deal on a very nice new-to-us car that will provide lots of room (even for grandparents) for road trips.  We are hoping to take a couple of trips in June and we are looking forward to seeing how it rides.

G is talking in paragraphs now.  It is crazy!  She has a passion for cleaning and laundry not seen in most 23 month old kids.  When asked if she would like to play or help me clean, she chooses cleaning every time!  Yesterday we needed to put her beloved blanket in the wash and she was reluctant to let it leave her room, until I told her we needed to wash it.  She immediately changed her mind, helped me gather more laundry and enthusiastically helped me fill the washer with her load of laundry.  While the blanket was in the wash, she got a temporary blanket, which she now refers to as such.  Last night she told D that she was ready for bed by saying, “Dada, I have temporary blanket and Ernie.  I ready for bed!”a

W is a lot more smiley lately.  Such a happy baby!  She still refuses to spend much time on her tummy, but is mobile on her back by scooting backward.  This creates lots of problems in the crib: she pushes herself back and under the bumper against the slats in the crib.  We run in there a lot to place her back in the center of the crib so she can rest peacefully.

So, that is what is up with us.  Ready for a stroll?

Song: I am really liking this song this week:



Snapshot:mother's day 2013


My nephews have been having lots of fun around the house lately.  Here is one the amazing things they have done lately:

Build an exploding chain reaction from craft sticks

 I am thinking I would like to make this for a summer brunch.  Now if I can just figure out who to invite.  Anybody want to come over to enjoy this monkey bread?

I have been thinking about G’s amazing ability to remember songs and books, so I am thinking it is time to introduce more Scripture memory to her.  I will be taking God’s Word in my Heart out this week and starting to work through it:

Thanks for strolling with me.  What are you up to this weekend?

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