5 New Mama Freebies You’ve Never Heard About

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the best new Mama freebies - the very best free things for moms (no coupons!)

I am not crazy, I LOVE a good deal!  Who doesn’t?  And right now it is a great time to be a new mom because there are a TON of new mama freebies to be had!  Lots of companies want to congratulate you on your status as a new mom.  And they want you as a new (and loyal) customer.  So, they are offering lots of great things just for being you!  But not all the freebies/deals are all that great.

Here’s a rundown of the really great ones.  The ones I think are really worth your time.  And just so you know, most of them involve paying shipping and handling for the product (you know what they say about no free rides).  These freebies are ones I haven’t seen on the myriad lists of new mom freebies and giveaways.  And my list is not a bunch of coupons you don’t have time to cut or the ability to remember to bring to the store. 

Join MustelaRewards and get a FREE travel kit and FREE shipping on your first order.

MAMA FREEBIE! get rid of baby acne with Mustela Physi0Bebe and get rewarded with their rewards program.

I heart Mustela products in general; but one in particular.  This product is AMAZING and every baby and new mom should use it: PhysiObebe!  It is the jam for lots of reasons.  The best reason is it gets rid of baby acne pronto.  I have been a devotee for three babies now.  It makes an amazing baby shower gift, too!  When you join the club (use my referral code:  440748), you can use the code NEWMEMBER to get a FREE travel kit and FREE shipping on your order.  Make sure you sign up for the rewards program first!

Get FREE reusable nursing pads

Use Promotion Code 6D79EO TODAY!

I got a set of these when I was a brand-new mama and I am still using them.  I have tried two other big brands of reusable nursing pads as well as the disposable kind and these are the BEST by far!  Back when I first got these, they only had them in 3 colors, but now they have them in LOTS of fun colors and patterns.  Here’s how to get this great deal:

Go to: www.nursingpads.com

Add: 10 pairs of your choice of nursing pads to your cart

Use code: 6D79EO in the checkout process to get them for FREE!

Just pay shipping and handling for your nursing pads.

Samples are Always FUN!

A big trend in online shopping lately is subscription boxes.  They are SO fun!  But they can be really expensive (even with a coupon!).  I found one that is absolutely FREE (except the $5 shipping) from Walmart! It is called a BabyBox, but it includes fun stuff for both mamas and babies.  You can sign up as soon as you know you are pregnant and they will ship you sample boxes automatically a couple of times a year.  You will receive email notification of when the box is on its way.  In my previous boxes, I have gotten a baby  bottle, pacifiers, smaller samples of soaps and lotions, and a full size teething remedy!  I have been really pleased with the program.

Best new mama freebies

P.S.  They also have a Beauty Box subscription!


Get a FREE Nursing Pillow

New Mama FREEBIE: nursing pillow

I use a specific pillow for nursing that is perfect for me but is not a specifically “branded” nursing pillow (more about that here).  But I decided to try out this nursing pillow because it was FREE.  I mean, if I hated it all I was out was shipping and handling.  And I was surprised at the size of it.  It is smaller than a typical Boppy Pillow.  BUT, it is so useful for use while on the go.  I find myself sitting in the car to nurse a lot – I am not much for nursing in public – and this pillow is PERFECT for that.

The pillow is also good for propping baby up for wake time fun, so you can see baby instead of constantly sitting behind baby to prop him up.  This pillow creates face time with baby and mama – always a good thing!

Amazon Baby Registry (even better with PRIME)

It seems everybody shops on Amazon these days, but fewer people probably register for events on Amazon than the local big box stores.  Amazon offers MAJOR incentives to change that.  Register with Amazon for your Baby Registry and get some serious benefits and freebies!  If you are a Prime member, you get even more good stuff!


My favorite part of the Amazon Baby registry is you can add items from ANY site onto your Amazon registry, so you can get what you want from where you want.  And all you have to do is share ONE link with your friends and family.  They also offer a generous completion discount at the end of your registry.

If you do not have a Prime account, you can always sign up for a FREE 30-trial while you are registering for your baby!

When you do have a Prime account you get a BUNCH of good things!

  • a FREE welcome box (up to $35 value!)
  • a FREE parenting ebook
  • FREE shipping throughout the life of your Prime account
  • discounts on diapers (and more!) and an increased completion discount at the end of your registry


That is my list of the BEST new Mama freebies that I know of.  Do you have another freebie you enjoyed when you were a new mom?  I would love to hear about it, so I can check it out (and maybe add it to my list!).


the best Freebies for new moms - the very best freebies (not coupons)

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