Bye, Bye Baby Acne

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Are you like we were as new parents?  Absolutely in love with this precious bundle with perfect, soft skin.  Do you spend hours just sitting and watching her sleep, dream, goo, gah, and generally be perfect?

Well, you might be surprised like we were to wake up one morning (ok, it was probably the middle of the night) to see your sweet, perfectly skinned little one with tiny red spots

It starts out small, almost imperceptible.  Then the spots multiply and redden.  Then they spread over the entire surface of baby’s face! 

And if you are a new parent, you will start to wonder if she is having some sort of allergic reaction.  You will search on the internet and find all sorts of horrifying skin ailments and try to compare it to your baby’s current state of red bumpy-ness.

All to discover your little bundle, your sweet innocent, precious little child has a very grown-up sounding affliction:


Bye Bye Baby Acne

I personally hate the word acne.  I hate calling face blemishes anything.  I hate giving them a moment of my time (yes, still somewhat horrified from puberty). 

So when I found out there was a condition called baby acne, I sought out a baby acne solution immediately!  My little one would not suffer this indignity!  Oh, no, not if I could help it.

This post may include affiliate links. If you click and make a purchase based on my recommendation, I get a small remuneration at no extra expense to you. I only recommend things I use and believe to be a blessing.

I was so glad a friend of mine recommended this product, Mustela PhysiOBebe,

Say goodbye to Baby Acne with this one Mustela product! It works!

This is the best solution to the problem of baby acne!  We started using it a couple of times a day with our little one about a week after she got the worst break out of baby acne- we were scrambling and freaking out until we found this solution.  Within a week to ten days, it was clear and it has never come back!

We have continued to use this product with our other three children and they have NEVER had baby acne!  At the slightest hint of a red bump, we simply swipe the PhysiOBebe over their faces and the red bumps never multiply!  This really is the BEST baby acne solution!

Bye Bye Baby Acne After

We even created a song to go with it and call it spa day (see video below).  Our oldest still loves to have “spa day” and asks for it, even stands still long enough to do it! 

We simply pump a small amount (one pump) onto a cotton ball and swipe over the face, neck and ears of our little ones.

Oh, and it smells good too! It is the perfect scent for babies!

The bottle says that you can use it on diaper areas too, but we have not used it for this purpose (though I am sure it would work!).

We love Mustela products around here, but the PhysiOBebe our absolute favorite.  We even take a small bottle with us on road trips with our kids. 

I am not sure if the company could claim that it solves baby acne, but I can!  I was not paid by Mustela to recommend their product, I am just a fan who is thankful this product clears up the problem, so my kids don’t have to suffer the indignity of acne!  Well, at least not until they are teenagers!

NOTE: Baby acne is a condition that will go away on it’s own, but I truly believe this product helped to speed along the process.  Plus, I just love pampering my little ones!

What baby product to you use and absolutely love?

Bye-Bye Baby Acne - the simple solution to baby's red bumps

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  1. ashley

    I love mustela products! I used the face wash and lotion when I was younger, and it cleared the little white bumps I got on my face. We didn’t really have a problem with baby acne with my son once we got home from the hospital, but we used mustela bodywash just in case. The no wash soap is perfect for face washes!

    1. ussleah

      I love all their products too! We use their shampoo and lotion as well as their diaper cream (but we don’t need it often, not plagued with diaper rash, thankfully).

  2. Tulip

    Wow! That is awesome. I will have to mention this to my cousin and try it for myself! Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. Pennypops

    As a midwife of over 30 years experience, have not heard of this “baby acne” This rash is perfectly normal and will settle down on its own , There is no need for any lotions or potions ,and I’m guessing that this lotion will be quite expensive. If you must use anything, then any simple oil(olive oil) will help with the dry skin. (A small amount just gently put on the areas) and if you don’t use it you can cook with it!

    1. ussleah

      Thanks Penny, for the tip! As I said in the post, it will go away without much treatment, but this product truly helped to abate it. Deciding to spend the money on the product turned out to be worth it for us as a family. We used it to gently cleanse our girls’ faces throughout their first years and only had to purchase one bottle.

  4. Rhianna


    I recently bought this product for my 4 week old who has ‘baby acne’. I used it yesterday and today it seems the acne worsened significantly overnight! I’m a little confused about your statement above – are you saying that your lo’s acne worsened and then got better after using for a week?

    Thank you in advance!

    1. ussleah

      I would give it a few days to clear up. We applied it 1-2 times a day for about a week and it cleared up and stayed cleared up. I hope this helps and I hope it works for your little one! Congratulations on your sweet 4 week old!

    2. Kristina

      So I used this for three days now. I had similar situation- My LO acne looked worse with using the cleanser. I almost stopped using it and then today happened. Her face is not completely clear but it looks so much better. My advice is to wait it out!!!! Thanks for the advice. Love love love mussels!!!!

      1. Leah Hudson

        I am SO glad to hear that it worked for your little one! It is a little miracle product, in my opinion.

  5. Kristin

    Oh my goodness – your video and song are so precious! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Kim

    I can’t thank you enough for suggesting this magic wash. I bought it hoping that it worked but skeptic about the product, then I got disappointed when it didn’t work right away but I kept using it, just once a day because I didn’t want his face to build up more oil and make it worse, and after 7-10 his face is soooooo much clearer, and I didn’t mention that his acne was incredibly bad. I couldn’t be happier, I will recommend this product from now on!

  7. Amylia

    Hi is it safe to use around eyes area? My baby’s face is full of this baby acne on both his eyelids and under eyes. Wanting to try but I’m afraid its going to iritate the eye area.

    1. Leah Hudson

      I think it will be ok, especially if you have it on a cotton ball/pad. However, I am not a doctor nor an expert.

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