Second Trimester Survival

a real deal list of must have items for surviving the second trimester of pregnancy

This pregnancy is progressing very nicely!  I have been in nesting mode for most of my second trimester this time around.  Which has been interesting because I NEVER nested with the first, and sort of nested toward the end of the 2nd and some of the 3rd trimester with my second one.  It must be related to the understanding of just how different life is with the addition of each child! Nonetheless, the energy I have felt in the second trimester has been so welcome.  In the first trimester I felt like I just couldn’t get enough sleep.  And now I am sleeping less and less and doing more and more.  If I had to pick a favorite trimester, I would definitely say the second is the best.

With all that said, there are still some crazy changes going on in my body which necessitate that I treat my body different.  And again, I have some serious opinions about the products that are my must have, real deal things to get me through this trimester.  And, as promised, I am sharing them with you in the hopes that they will be blessings to you, too! If you are interested in the items I chose for the first trimester, you can check them out here.  Many of the items I use throughout all stages of pregnancy, but I try to share them on an as needed basis.  And since you are officially a new mama, you will definitely want to check out my list of new mama FREEBIES – it is a unique list of freebies (not coupons).

I thought you might like to see how this pregnancy is progressing from the outside (please excuse the selfie-taking inability).  This is me towards the beginning of the second trimester.  Scroll down for a more recent shot.

second trimester selfie


Ok, let’s get to the list!

Boomerang Pillow

surviving the second trimester of pregnancy sleeping on this pillow!

This is the top of my list because it is the one item I would purchase for every pregnant woman in the world if I had a million dollars (well maybe I would need more).  This is SO necessary to me!  I got my first boomerang pillow during my the second trimester of my first pregnancy and used it for sleeping throughout the pregnancy, at the hospital, and for nursing with 2 babies!  The nurses would ask me where I got my pillow – they could tell it was perfect!   I took it with me where ever I went when I was pregnant the first two times.  In fact, I wore my first one out.  So, along about the first couple of weeks of this 2nd trimester, when sleeping began to work havoc on my hips (already!), I started searching high and low for another one.  I found mine on Joss & Main this time around (the last one was purchased at Wal-Mart).  Oh, and by the way, these boomerang pillows are a LOT cheaper than most other “pregnancy” pillows and I prefer it (obviously).

Use it for sleeping now  and then nursing and propping up baby later.  Take it with you to the hospital.  Take it with you on your baby-moon.  Love it.  Be glad you own it – it is life-changing!  I think I just might write a whole separate post about how I use this pillow!


So, I don’t talk about bodily functions very much – it is just not my style.  But, seriously, pregnancy causes just about every bodily function to go into hyper-drive.  I do not have a problem with gas when I am not pregnant, but when I am…oh goodness! And the gas that I have is very, very painful and causes indigestion.  After trying some of the usual remedies in my previous pregnancies, I found Gaviscon.  It is MUCH better than Tums and Rolaids and seriously fast acting – really!  I feel like a commercial at this point for this product, but it really works.  I still hate to take it because texture-wise it is, shall we say, interesting.  I keep a big glass of water close at hand when I have to take it, but in this case the cure is better than the medicine for sure!

Stitch Fix for Maternity

great clothes to help you survive the 2nd trimester in style

Now is the time when you will start needing some clothes.  This is a great source for date night, work wear, and those “a little something special” outfits.  I had not tried Stitch Fix’s service until after I was pregnant this time around and I have been really pleased with my first two fixes.  I have not purchased everything in each of the fixes but I have purchased a great pair of stretchy skinny jeans (the ones in the picture of me below) and some basic tank tops that I MUST have!  The tank tops are Stitch Fix’s in-house brand, so be sure to ask your stylist for them.  The items I have returned have mostly been returned because of budget concerns, not because they weren’t super-cute!  I definitely am excited about my future Fixes (I am getting one later this month)!

Sanuk flip-flops

an absolute MUST Have for surviving the 2nd Trimester!

I have had and used these super-comfortable flip-flops for all three of my pregnancies and they still are my go-to for comfortable footwear.  We do live in the desert of Southern California, so flip-flops are pretty standard wear around here.  I throw mine on with almost everything I wear.  And wear my beat up flip-flops around the house all the time to keep my feet from getting over tired.  For going out, I really like the “dressier” sling flip-flops from Sanuk.  Both of these type of Sanuks are made out of the same material as yoga mats; so they are super comfortable and last a really, really long time.

perfect shoes for date night during the 2nd Trimester of Pregnancy



Nursing bras

buy nursing bras now to help you survive the 2nd trimester


Last trimester, I recommended getting some sleep bras to help support the girls as they grow.  Now the girls are really starting to reach their maximum size before actually having baby.  Since they still have a way to go and then (if you are nursing) when your milk comes in, they will be even larger (!), now is the time to switch from a traditional bra to a nursing bra.  In previous pregnancies I have purchased traditional bras before purchasing nursing bras, but I really think that going ahead with the nursing bras will serve you well.  I recently picked up some of these Jessica Simpson bras from Motherhood Maternity.  They are very comfortable and will carry me through the rest of my pregnancy and into nursing.  These particular bras do not have underwire, but still provide ample support – they are super comfortable!  I took advantage of their sale on nursing bras and got some in rose and some in black.

If  you are not planning to nurse your baby, I still recommend getting larger bras that will adjust as you grow throughout these last two stages of pregnancy.  And losing the underwire never hurt any pregnant woman I know of! (wink)


Panty Liners

The overshares are just continuing in this trimester!  Pregnancy comes with some seriously un-fun (and sorta gross) stuff.  This includes one of my least favorite words: discharge.  So, without going into too much detail, I will just let you know that you will want to pick up some panty liners to help with this problem.  And I must tell you: I have a favorite panty liner…meaning, I won’t use anything else!  These are the best!  Oh, and panty liners can help with that little bit of bladder control issue that happens in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters.  I had not had this problem with either of my previous pregnancies, but this time around I have experienced a little bit of this.



Take the time, sometime in this trimester (and the next) to go in and have a salon/spa treatment of some sort, just for you.  I am in desperate need of a good pedicure.  It has been over a year!  Take the time to go get a massage or a manicure.  You will feel so much better afterwards!  Oh, and take some bubble baths – just not too hot!

second trimester selfie

Ok, so now that I have shared my absolute favorite, must have (real deal) things for surviving the second trimester – it is your turn!  What could you absolutely not be pregnant in the 2nd trimester without?  I would love to hear from you!

real deal, must have items to survive the second trimester

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  1. Evonne Cordell

    I am definitely NOT pregnant but I love Sanuk flip flops! I also have the ones made from yoga mat material and they have spoiled me from wanting to wear anything else!

    Good info!

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