Sunshine Stickies

Simple Summer Activities Sunshine Stickies


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A lot of our summer activities must be done indoors due to the massive heat of the desert!  It makes for odd summer and winter activities.  We get to go to the park in January and have to stay indoors for July.  Here is a simple activity that can be done indoors on a really hot summer day or even a rainy day.

I found some window clings at the store on clearance a while back and saved them for G’s birthday week (you can also find them at the dollar store in lots of different themes).  I put them up this morning while she was finishing her breakfast and she could not wait to play with them.

Sunshine Stickies 2

The activity is so simple and entertained G for quite some time.  She loved taking the pieces off and putting them back on.  She also figured out how to tear one and worked very diligently on putting it back together – just so.

Sunshine Stickies 1

The way the sun shines through them is quite nice as well.

I will likely leave these up for quite a while and let them wear out their welcome or sticky-ness.  Whatever comes first.

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  1. jaime@FSPDT

    Love the colors! My oldest loved these when he was younger and we still put them up sometimes for holiday themes. Such a great idea!

    1. ussleah

      Thanks for stopping by, Jamie! They really are fascinating…until they tear them apart! We had a lot of fun with them!

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