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Nest Building

A Simple Homemaking List

This entry is part 17 of 41 in the series Hope for Homemakers

It’s Tuesday morning again and I have Bible study to get ready for, so I will make today’s post brief.

How did you do with your first day of clearing clutter in your bathrooms?  I got to all 4 of my bathrooms.  A couple only took a minute or two (it was tempting to wipe down the counters, too), but a couple of them had a bit more clutter to clean up.  But as I did this process, I thought, “There is no way these bathrooms are going to get this messy in one day.”  We shall see what they look like when I make the rounds today.  If they aren’t bad, I might get inspired to wipe down the counters or swish the toilets. Continue Reading

Nest Building

A Simple Plan: Week of September 2nd – 8th

Wasn’t it nice to have the day off yesterday?  My husband and I got an impromptu lunch date in!  But we are starting out the week today and have lots to get done!  Here’s what’s going on this week.

On the menu this week, I am returning to an old favorite cookbook from Pampered Chef to try some new recipes.  I love that they are supposed to only take 30 minutes to prepare. Continue Reading

Nest Building

A Simple Plan: Week of August 12th-18th

We got back on track last week and met a lot of the goals and menu ideas for the week!  Yea for a sense of accomplishment!  This week looks like it will be pretty easy, but you never know what God has in store!

Last week’s meal plan only missed getting completed on a couple of accounts.  We decided to go out for Rubio’s Taco Tuesday and found an unused gift card on the way there – FREE dinner!  We had our first dinner party in our newly chandelier-bedecked dining room – finally!  And I made a family favorite with a twist. Continue Reading

Nest Building

September Stockpile

This entry is part 1 of 17 in the series September Stockpile

With baby number two on the way in early October, I am determined to have my freezer stocked up better than I did with G.  I had all sorts of good intentions before she came along but without the help of my mom, I would have had nothing in the freezer at all.  So this time I have decided to encourage myself to do this by making my efforts public.

The plan: Stock the Freezer with meals for after the baby gets here.  I know we will have lots of help from the wonderful ladies at our church on dinners, so I am really trying to focus on easy to make snacks, breakfasts, and lunches.  There are going to be some dinner items, as well, so stay tuned!

The procedure:  I am going to get this done by challenging myself to make something for the freezer almost every weekday of September.  I am taking a couple of days off because we celebrate our anniversary during September and I am hoping a certain someone will take me out to dinner!  On tap are 20 different days (19 different recipes) to try to get that freezer filled before the baby gets here.  It is a race against the clock, if you will.

Your part:  Please feel free to join me in my cooking/freezing adventures by linking up your freezer cooking exploits each week on a week in review post I hope to get done each weekend.  You can grab the button at the top of this post and use it on your own blog if you like.  OR you can just plain leave a comment encouraging me in my endeavor – we 8 month pregnant woman can use all the encouragement we can get!  Check back frequently to see the progress we are making on filling our freezer.

So, for September I will have a certain The Clash song stuck in my head with my own made up lyrics.  Look for the first post of a real live freezer recipe on Monday!  Here’s hoping it all works out!




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