A Simple Plan: Week of August 12th-18th

A Simple PlanWe got back on track last week and met a lot of the goals and menu ideas for the week!  Yea for a sense of accomplishment!  This week looks like it will be pretty easy, but you never know what God has in store!

Last week’s meal plan only missed getting completed on a couple of accounts.  We decided to go out for Rubio’s Taco Tuesday and found an unused gift card on the way there – FREE dinner!  We had our first dinner party in our newly chandelier-bedecked dining room – finally!  And I made a family favorite with a twist.

This week’s menu hopes:

Breakfasts: oatmeal, breakfast burritos, yogurt, fruit, blueberry bread

Lunches: Quesadillas, nachos, Mexican tuna salad, Turkey Sandwiches, PB&J

Dinners: Frito Chili Pie (salad), Chicken Casserole (maybe this will finally get done!), Chicken Caesar Salad, clam linguine, garlic grilled steak

Here is how we did on the goals for last week:

  • Start preschool farm unit with G (and a little something for W)  {not completely “started” but we got a couple of activities done.}
  • Garage organization project – spend at least one hour working on this {Yeah!  Two weeks working on it and it starting to look very good!}
  • Lunches planned/prepared for D each day {Got this done too!  Now to keep it up!}
  • Invite guests for dinner
  • Read: commentary on Romans – one chapter a day; leisure read – one chapter a day
  • Finish ironing (a dreaded chore!)  {Really, really, really happy to be done with this}
  • Purchase curtain rods for dining and bedroom. {Had some really cute shopping partners, but we only got one for our bedroom}

Home Depot shopping trip

And here are the goals for this week:

  • Garage organization project – spend at least one hour working on this
  • Buy new glasses (oh, I need these so!)
  • Take a morning to dedicate to writing
  • Write and submit magazine article (my first!)
  • Prepare for our first vacation without the kids
  • Hang curtains in bedroom (this means more ironing…bleh!)

Here’s hoping!

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  1. Elizabeth L

    Seems like you’ve got a good plan for the week. I love to do lists; nothing is as satisfying as crossing something off, especially if it’s something you hate! (Like ironing. I hate to iron too.)

    Have a great week!

    ~Visiting from Menu Plan Monday~

    1. ussleah

      Yes, I love a list and I love crossing off the accomplishments! Thanks for stopping by, Elizabeth!

  2. Oh I hate to iron, too! I have on my list of goals, which you can check out on my blog, to make bathroom curtains this week. Never thought about the fact that this could include ironing. Not cool!

    Good luck on your goals this week. Off to read your blog for a few minutes!

    1. ussleah

      Lydia, I am over half way through the week and have been avoiding the curtains because of the ironing. You are motivating me to JUST DO IT! Thanks for stopping by and encouraging me in my goals!

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