A Simple Plan: Week of September 2nd – 8th

A Simple PlanWasn’t it nice to have the day off yesterday?  My husband and I got an impromptu lunch date in!  But we are starting out the week today and have lots to get done!  Here’s what’s going on this week.

On the menu this week, I am returning to an old favorite cookbook from Pampered Chef to try some new recipes.  I love that they are supposed to only take 30 minutes to prepare.

Breakfasts: cereal, cinnamon toast, oatmeal, fruit, banana bread (if I can get to making it!)

Lunch: Mexican chicken salad, quesadillas, turkey roll-ups, pasta salad with chicken, PB&J

Dinners: Breakfast Pizza, Artichoke Chicken with Roasted Potatoes, Sesame Tilapia w/ Shiitake Broth, Beef Enchilada Casserole, Turkey Salimboca, Breakfast Tacos


I kind of got back on track last week with things, so I am focusing on getting the house in order this week.  Here’s how I did on last week’s goals:

  • Go to bed and wake up on time each morning {This was ALL over the map! Gotta lock this down}
  • Read one chapter of Romans commentary each morning, one chapter of leisure read each evening – {almost every morning and night}
  • Work on organizing downstairs closets {haven’t gotten to this yet!}
  • Prepare budget for September – {trying a new budgeting software!}
  • Craft for girls – {getting this done today}
  • Work on blog projects and posts – maybe a morning spent writing. {Yea!  So excited to be bringing the new project out at the end of this week!}

And here is what I am hoping for this week:

  • Organize downstairs closet
  • Hang artwork in bedroom and master bath
  • Get ready for Bible study starting back up in a couple of weeks!
  • Shop for 9th anniversary present with D – pottery!
  • Prepare contributor post for next week.
  • Make big announcement on the blog.

What is on your list this week?


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  1. Shana Norris

    Hi, Leah. Stopping over from Money Saving Mom’s weekly goals link-up. I love seeing the recipes you’re making this week on this post. Hope you’re having a great week and goal-ish success!

    1. ussleah

      Hi Shana! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. We had a rough Wednesday, so it is a good thing they call it “hump day.” We are over the hump!

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