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Spring Cleaning: Cleaning a Ceiling Fan

I am working my way through a Spring Cleaning challenge with an amazing group of organizing and cleaning bloggers.  They send me an email each morning with the challenge for the day and I have been trying to fit in a little bit of deep cleaning each day.  The house may not be spotless, yet; but I am making progress!

I worked on cleaning our bedroom and really needed to clean our ceiling fan.  Our normal cleaning often includes cleaning the blades with a dusting cloth, but I needed to get to the more neglected portions of the fan. Continue Reading

Nest Building

Removing Wax from Mirrors

Do you have household projects you put off because they seem like they will take a LONG time to finish?  So you put it off for that free Saturday that never comes?

I do!

But the 30 Day Clean House Challenge I am participating in along with Money Saving Mom has inspired me to get some of those projects done.

One of these pesky projects was cleaning off candle wax that had splattered onto a mirror over our mantle.  It has been there since sometime this winter. I have looked at it every time I have cleaned; but I just thought it would take so long to do, I was discouraged from doing it. Continue Reading

Growing Up

Make It: Toddler Golf

You may have seen my previous styrofoam creation (a homemade stacker for toddlers).  I got inspired by playing with G to make another toy for her to increase her fine motor skills.  We had a bunch of golf tees (I honestly don’t know why) and we had the Styrofoam block from before, so I decided to make a new game/toy for her: Toddler Golf.  It is really simple to throw together, here’s what you need.


  • Styrofoam block
  • golf tees (you can use different colored ones, if you want) – you will need about 5 or 6
  • small white styrofoam balls (about the size of a golf ball) – you will need about 5 or 6

Continue Reading

Growing Up

Make It: Rainbow Puzzle

Our toddler loves puzzles!  She doesn’t always get every one of them, but they are fascinating to her.  I love that she is interested in them because they are one of my absolute favorite things to do (during all that free time I have).

In light of this fact, I had a brainstorm the other day that involved felt.  I seem to be having quite a few of those lately.  This particular brainstorm resulted in a rainbow puzzle for her to work with.  It is a perfect quiet time activity for little ones.  It will help reinforce the concepts we are currently teaching G about colors and will be a fun fine motor activity for her, too!

I created this without a pattern; but it was very easy to put together.

To make you need:


  • Felt in red, orange, yellow, blue (I used two different shades), green, purple, and white
  • Scissors (I used fabric scissors)


  1. Take the purple felt and cut out a small semi-circle from the edge.  Place the semi-circle over the green felt and cut a semi-circle 1/2 inch larger than the purple one.
  2. Take the purple semi-circle and cut a 1/2 inch strip off of the top to create a curve.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 with the remaining colors in reverse color spectrum order (blue, yellow, orange, red).
  4. Cut free-form clouds out of the white felt.
  5. Place onto full sheet of blue felt in a rainbow.

G enjoyed “making rainbows” all week and she did it so artfully (one of the results):

Growing Up

Toddler Craft: Ladybug

As part of our week on red, I came up with a basic craft for G to do with Grandma while I was away at an appointment.  It is based off of the book Ten Little Ladybugs by Melanie Gerth.


  • Red cardstock or construction paper
  • Black construction paper
  • A circle cutter (or a few different sized circles to trace and cut out)
  • Glue or tape
  • Googly eyes

How to:

Cut a medium circle (about 2.5 inches) and a small circle (about 1.5 inches) out of the red cardstock.  Cut several half inch circles out of the black construction paper.

Glue or tape the small circle to the medium circle’s outer edge, letting the small circle peek around the curve of the medium circle.

Put dots of glue on the back of the half inch black circles and have your young one place them where they would like on the back of the ladybug.

Cut out legs for the ladybug from the black construction paper and glue to the bottom of the ladybug.

Place googly eyes on the small red circle.


We will be using this craft and some others that we will make throughout our colors unit in a large craft later.  Check back and find out what it is!


Growing Up

Basic Creation Crafts for Toddlers: Day 3 and Day 4

Here are the crafts we did as part of our unit on the 6 day creation for our One Year Old Preschool.  Our daughter is currently 19 months old and these are VERY basic crafts (due to my own ineptitude, not hers).  Both involve stamping which helps to improve her motor skills and is just plain fun for kids this age.

Day 3 – “God said, ‘Let the earth sprout vegetation: plants with seeds…'”


  • Red or white construction paper
  • Apple
  • Black or brown sharpie marker
  • Red washable paint

How to:

Cut apple in half.  Take one half and cut a handle into the rounded portion.  Dip apple into red paint and stamp onto construction paper.  You could also brush the paint onto the apple in order to have even stamps.

Once the paint is dry, use the sharpie to make seeds and stems on each apple.  I wanted to place emphasis on the seeds concept so that I could tell G that is how plants are made or grown, so you could leave this part off, if you like.

Once the apples are done, you could laminate them for a variety of different project ideas.  We are going to use our laminated apples for a counting busy bag.


Day 4 – “God said let there be lights in the heavens.”


  • Cookie cutters (star, moon, sun)
  • blue construction paper
  • new (never been wet) household sponges (the ones from the dollar store work very well)
  • yellow or white washable paint

How to:

Trace the desired cookie cutter shape onto the household sponge and cut out the pattern.

Lightly dip the sponge into the paint (you may have to help your little one to be gentle) and press onto the construction paper.  You could do a collage of stars (like we did) or create a sun, moon, and stars paper.

Once it is dry, you could laminate the stars, moons, and suns, cut them out, and use them for various projects.  You could put magnets on the back and post them on a chalkboard and draw a night-time scene or a daytime scene.


Please feel free to use these ideas with your little ones and let me know how it goes!  I would love to hear feedback on these projects.



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