Make It: Rainbow Puzzle

Our toddler loves puzzles!  She doesn’t always get every one of them, but they are fascinating to her.  I love that she is interested in them because they are one of my absolute favorite things to do (during all that free time I have).

Make It_ Rainbow Felt Puzzle for toddlers

In light of this fact, I had a brainstorm the other day that involved felt.  I seem to be having quite a few of those lately.  This particular brainstorm resulted in a rainbow puzzle for her to work with.  It is a perfect quiet time activity for little ones.  It will help reinforce the concepts we are currently teaching G about colors and will be a fun fine motor activity for her, too!

rainbow felt puzzle

I created this without a pattern; but it was very easy to put together.

To make you need:


  • Felt in red, orange, yellow, blue (I used two different shades), green, purple, and white
  • Scissors (I used fabric scissors)


  1. Take the purple felt and cut out a small semi-circle from the edge.  Place the semi-circle over the green felt and cut a semi-circle 1/2 inch larger than the purple one.
  2. Take the purple semi-circle and cut a 1/2 inch strip off of the top to create a curve.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 with the remaining colors in reverse color spectrum order (blue, yellow, orange, red).
  4. Cut free-form clouds out of the white felt.
  5. Place onto full sheet of blue felt in a rainbow.

G enjoyed “making rainbows” all week and she did it so artfully (one of the results):

rainbow puzzle 2

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  1. I really love the rainbow felt puzzle idea! We always have felt around, and it’s easy to put something like that together.

    1. ussleah

      Yes, it is extremely easy! And it can become a sort of abstract art thing for the younger ones.

  2. Conni

    It’s awesome to watch her put her puzzle together and say her Bible verse as she works.

  3. Love this fun activity for the kiddos! Thanks for sharing with the Spring Craft Blog Hop #SCBH2015

    1. ussleah

      Thanks! We love the fun colors and freeform nature of this activity!

  4. Beverly

    Fun craft! I’m sure any child would love to make this. Thanks for sharing on the Spring Craft Blog Hop!

  5. Jamie

    I so remember doing those when I was younger – the kind with velcro that you would do on the wall at school – so much fun!! #SCBH2015

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