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Simply Genius Homeschool Printing Hacks

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You know those things you do in your daily routine that make you feel like you are pretty smart? They are usually the solutions you happened upon after banging your head against a wall (problem) for a while. Or maybe they are the things that you thought of the moment you laid eyes on an object (cue lights and music) – and you instantly saw a solution.

Maybe it is pride…well, yes it is pride, but I glory in those solutions. I just love when I find something that makes me feel like a genius. When something makes life just one tiny measure easier. (How does one measure ease anyway?)

Our homeschool is dotted with solutions such as these. They are little genius-level hacks that make me delight in the doing of our daily tasks. And honestly, until I mentioned them to other moms, I thought they were so mundane that everyone was doing them. Turns out they aren’t that common.

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Why Your House Smells Like Diapers

Face it: your house stinks because of diapers. Here's what you did wrong and how to fix it fast! These diaper pail solutions will help solve your current diaper pail problems.
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I have been on an extended run of diaper duty: SEVEN YEARS (!!) with no end in sight! Four kids under 7, means A LOT of diapers and A LOT of, ahem…smells. I know I am not the only homemaking mama that has tried it all to make sure that when welcoming guests into her home, they are not immediately tipped off to the fact that my day is full of diaper duty. Because, let’s be real:


It took me almost 5 full years of diaper duty to discover the real-deal solutions to the diaper stink problem in my home, and I know you are going to want to know this, too!

We currently have two little ones in diapers. Ugh… and I have been working on this problem since long before we had our second baby. We discovered some things along the way that helped; but I solved the entire diaper stink problem.

First: You are Doing it Wrong!!

I was, too!  Don’t worry, you can fix it! Here are the common STINK situation problems and how to remedy them.  Continue Reading

Nest Building

Showroom Shine for Stainless Steel

restoring showroom shine to stainless steel - the simple way

My kids are running a loop through the kitchen again, smearing whatever goop resides on their hands on my recently clean stainless steel appliances.  There are three, yes three, of them at eye-level.  Yes, there are three stainless steel appliances in a perfect designer’s triangle for my two little fingerprint monsters.  Oh, not three KIDS…yet…that comes in a few more months.  And by that time, my appliances could probably be entered in the next emerging artists show.  You see, when it comes to appliance purchasing, my husband and I are not experts.  In fact, it is one of the things we have done very little thinking about in the past few years.  We, since having children, have purchased two stainless steel appliances with out the easy-care properties.  What were we thinking?

When you add kids and stainless steel, you almost always get a mess.  So, I worked on it diligently and discovered the way to restore our stainless steel appliances to their showroom glory.  And it is relatively easy and completely a completely natural solution – safe for the kids, too!  And I shared it a couple of years ago with Ask Anna – it has been one of my most popular posts over there.  But, even that process has become something that takes too long when I am doing my weekly “deep clean” of our kitchen.  So, I am back with another simple solution for keeping stainless steel appliances clean! Continue Reading

Nest Building

Back to School Menu Planning

We don’t have kids that are school age, but we kind of get into a summertime groove around here like we do.  You know, the groove where dinner is a fast and loose proposition.  A barely planned, if planned at all, throw it on the table and hope that it has some nutritional value kind of event.  So, we kind of feel the need for structure and normal that back to school season provides.  But, I need a little help along the way.

I used to be an expert menu planner and meal maker.  I could seriously turn it out.  But, having kids has just rocked my world in menu planning.  But I recently shared that I am getting things back on track and I shared with you the resources that are making it easier for me to menu plan for the weekContinue Reading

Growing Up

Traveling with Tots: Controlling Car Clutter

A special thanks to Huggies for sponsoring this post!  Be sure to check out their latest stylish designs for Huggies Clutch ‘n’ Clean wipes and Huggies Designer Tubs.



I kind of have car trips on the brain this summer.  A lot of Americans do, it seems.  It is the time of year when we have a little bit more freedom to get out on the open road and head to a fun place.  And my list of fun places I would like to go to this year is long.  We have been needing a getaway with our girls (and without our girls, for that matter) for a while.  So I thought it would be fun to do a series about traveling with little ones, specifically in the car.

I have lots of things to share along the way, but today I am excited to share my tips for keeping the car chaos under control with little ones. And lest you think I have got it all figured out, these are simply my simple solutions to the problems we have been facing with our girls and the maelstrom they bring to the backseat each time we get in the car. Continue Reading

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Citrus-Rosemary Home Scent

Some of my strongest memories are sensory.  I remember the sounds and smells of an event more than I remember all the little details of my sight.  I can transport myself to many places in my childhood just by a smell.

In the winter, my mom used to create two scent memories for us: she would put a pot of homemade potpourri on the stove and let it simmer throughout the day and she would help us to make orange and clove pomanders.  To this day, I love these smells!  They are comforting to me and bring back memories of times spent with my mom. Continue Reading

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