Showroom Shine for Stainless Steel

restoring showroom shine to stainless steel - the simple wayMy kids are running a loop through the kitchen again, smearing whatever goop resides on their hands on my recently clean stainless steel appliances.  There are three, yes three, of them at eye-level.  Yes, there are three stainless steel appliances in a perfect designer’s triangle for my two little fingerprint monsters.  Oh, not three KIDS…yet…that comes in a few more months.  And by that time, my appliances could probably be entered in the next emerging artists show.  You see, when it comes to appliance purchasing, my husband and I are not experts.  In fact, it is one of the things we have done very little thinking about in the past few years.  We, since having children, have purchased two stainless steel appliances with out the easy-care properties.  What were we thinking?

When you add kids and stainless steel, you almost always get a mess.  So, I worked on it diligently and discovered the way to restore our stainless steel appliances to their showroom glory.  And it is relatively easy and completely a completely natural solution – safe for the kids, too!  And I shared it a couple of years ago with Ask Anna – it has been one of my most popular posts over there.  But, even that process has become something that takes too long when I am doing my weekly “deep clean” of our kitchen.  So, I am back with another simple solution for keeping stainless steel appliances clean!

Ok, get ready…this is SO simple.

You only need ONE product.

Are you ready to have your world rocked?

Like how I am building this up?

Here’s the procedure:

1.  It helps if you start with having done the LONG way of cleaning your stainless steel appliances, recently.  But the results will still work if you haven’t lately. But it really is the way to make your stainless steel shine! (wink)

2. Purchase Shout To-Go wipes.  You can get them on Amazon at an amazing price right now!

3.  Open one packet and re-fold to about a 4×4 square.

4. Wipe over the surface of your stainless steel,  scrubbing where necessary.

restoring showroom shine to stainless steel - the simple way

5. Go back over the applied surface with a clean, lint free cloth (I recommend a flour sack towel).  You are sort of buffing out the product.

restoring showroom shine to stainless steel - the simple way



This will restore your appliances to their showroom shine in just minutes.  I can get all my appliances looking good every week as I do my deep clean of my kitchen on Saturday mornings.

Here is my stainless dishwasher after just a couple of minutes of work:

restoring showroom shine to stainless steel - the simple way

I still recommend the other method for cleaning stainless steel to get it really deep-down clean, but this is such a good maintenance for weekly cleaning.

restoring showroom shine to stainless steel - the simple way


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