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Growing Up

Simple Tsum Tsum Mickey & Minnie Costumes

Our girls are like a lot of kids their age: obsessed with all things Disney!  They love Minnie and Mickey and all their friends, too.  And a while back we discovered a fun Disney toy that was price conscious enough for us to start a collection: Tsum tsums.   Over a number of months, we have collected quite a few of these fun little toys.  And so when it came time to dress up to go to Mickey’s Halloween Party, we thought it would be fun to have the girls dress up as Mickey & Minnie Tsum Tsum!

The costumes ended up being really simple to put together, so I thought I would share a quick how-to with you about the costumes. Continue Reading

Growing Up

Apple Stacking Game for Preschoolers and Tots

I was rummaging through our preschool bins to find some apples for the girls to play with as we work through the alphabet together and an idea suddenly struck.  I made a simple preschool and toddler game using items that were already on hand. It was so easy and so fun, I decided to share it with you.  The game can be modified to work for almost any application and helped introduce and reinforce lots of preschool and toddler concepts.  Our girls are early 3 and almost 2, so it works for this age group very well. Continue Reading

Pennies from Heaven

Favorite Frugal Disney Souvenirs For Tots

Favorite Frugal Disney Souvenirs for Toddlers

We were recently blessed with the gift of 3 Day passes to Disneyland and California Adventure and were so excited to take our girls with family.  We took them in March and then again at the beginning of June to celebrate family birthdays.  Like I said we were blessed with these tickets (they are not cheap!).  But even with free admission, a trip to Disney can be hard on the wallet.  And going with little ones can make for lots of “Can I have this?” all day.  But after we got home from the park, I started to realize just what our toddlers valued as mementos or souvenirs for the day.  And I was surprised to find out what they love and play with are not the most expensive things.  In fact some of them are FREE! Continue Reading

Growing Up

Baby’s First 4th of July, Sensory Play

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With Independence Day coming up, I thought it would be fun to create a fun patriotic activity for W – this will be our baby’s first 4th of July!  Babies are so interested in tasting everything we put in front of them.  And our baby REALLY loves yogurt – a LOT!  So I thought I would create a fun activity for her to experience the most basic parts of the fourth of july: red, white, and blue, and stars!  Continue Reading

Growing Up

A Father’s Day Tradition

Our girls LOVE an impromptu dance party!  We crank the music and get loose and silly!  They especially love when Dada joins in on the fun.  It seems the lit-up eyes of a twirling toddler is all the invitation he needs to shed his “I don’t dance” persona and become a Dancing Daddy!

These are some of the moments I treasure the most with our girls.  Music has a way of cementing memory for me.  I can remember the songs I was listening to at almost every stage of my life all the way back to before kindergarten.  So, I want my girls to be able to listen back in time and hear the songs they were listening to when they were young.

Which got me thinking why not create a tradition for Father’s Day for our girls? Continue Reading

Growing Up

Sunshine Stickies


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A lot of our summer activities must be done indoors due to the massive heat of the desert!  It makes for odd summer and winter activities.  We get to go to the park in January and have to stay indoors for July.  Here is a simple activity that can be done indoors on a really hot summer day or even a rainy day.

I found some window clings at the store on clearance a while back and saved them for G’s birthday week (you can also find them at the dollar store in lots of different themes).  I put them up this morning while she was finishing her breakfast and she could not wait to play with them. Continue Reading