A Father’s Day Tradition

Father's Day Tradition

Our girls LOVE an impromptu dance party!  We crank the music and get loose and silly!  They especially love when Dada joins in on the fun.  It seems the lit-up eyes of a twirling toddler is all the invitation he needs to shed his “I don’t dance” persona and become a Dancing Daddy!

These are some of the moments I treasure the most with our girls.  Music has a way of cementing memory for me.  I can remember the songs I was listening to at almost every stage of my life all the way back to before kindergarten.  So, I want my girls to be able to listen back in time and hear the songs they were listening to when they were young.

Which got me thinking why not create a tradition for Father’s Day for our girls?

Here is what I came up with:

  1. Create a playlist of songs you like to dance to with the family.
  2. Have the kids create an “album cover” or CD art
  3. Burn the CD
  4. Give the CD to Dad on Father’s Day
  5. Play it and have a dance party!

I love this idea because it is a unique way to record a few different memories: the kids’ artwork, the music that mattered at the time, and connecting with dad with lots of smiles.  I know as the girls get older they will not always be interested in dancing with Dad, but it may morph into listening to music with Dad while driving around town, talking about what they like – still, creating memories.

We had fun making our first CD this week.  G got to use permanent marker for the first time and drew things on her CD label that she called hearts.  Can’t you see them?

Fathers Day CD Art 2

We talked about making the art for Dada while we did it to try to make the connection that this was a gift for him.  She was more excited about the markers!

Fathers Day CD art

Father's Day CD

But she is always up for a dance party!

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  1. Stacie K.

    Love everything about this….great idea/tradition to start. Would love to know this year’s playlist.

    1. ussleah

      Thanks, Stacie! I will have to share it. I have lots of playlists, but I am not sure if I am able to share them on this blog the way I would like. I am not sure if the Spotify thing works for my readers.

  2. Sara Nicholas

    I love this idea!!! Grace is such a little artist. I totally saw the hearts. 😉

    1. ussleah

      Thanks! Isn’t it adorable? She really loves working on art projects!

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