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Task #20 Disney Fun

This entry is part 22 of 22 in the series Tackling Tasks

We had one big goal for today: Have fun at Disneyland for Mickey’s Halloween Party!  This goal became a task to tackle because we had some extremely fussy children for most of the day!  So I am going to give you a recap of our trip in the form of tips.  Hopefully I will remember these for next year and our trip will go much smoother. Continue Reading

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Task #19 Coupon Organization

This entry is part 20 of 22 in the series Tackling Tasks

I really shouldn’t show you the mountain of coupons I have that I have been needing to conquer, but I am going to!

AHH!  Most people who know me, know I love a coupon.  Even more than that I love a good deal to go with a coupon.  But, after having both girls, I just have not gotten back on the coupon train the way I need to.  I was saving some money at the grocery store by keeping a budget and a list and only buying what we needed (for the most part), but I knew I could be saving more if I could only get my coupon act together. Continue Reading

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Task #18: Blog Button

This entry is part 19 of 22 in the series Tackling Tasks

As you can likely tell when you come to my site, everything you see related to content and design is done by me.  That in no way should elicit gasps of “how does she do it all?” from you.  I realize my shortcomings in the graphic design department, but I have learned TONS in the last 6 months of blogging…TONS!

I am always trying to improve what you see on this site and I (oddly enough) find it fun to learn and grow in this area; if for no other reason than to look back and cringe later.  You know those pictures you look back on your childhood and say to your then young and unwise self, “What were you thinking? No one needs bangs that high off their forehead!”?  I get the privilege of doing that with this blog, too! Continue Reading

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Task #17: Toy Sorting and Cleaning

This entry is part 18 of 22 in the series Tackling Tasks

We are kind of minimal when it comes to toys.  I mean, we don’t deprive our children the joys of playing with things, but we don’t buy a whole lot of things for them.  But even though we don’t buy a lot, it seems like we HAVE a lot!  And sometimes it can get to be a little overwhelming.

For today’s task, I wanted to accomplish a few things with the girls’ toys:

  • Sort them into give, store, and play categories
  • Clean them!
  • Create a toy rotation system.

Continue Reading

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Task #16 Utility Closet

This entry is part 17 of 22 in the series Tackling Tasks

When we moved into our house almost 7 years ago, we had a bonus closet in our downstairs bedroom.  Most people would be so excited to have this extra storage space, and we were…BUT it was a completely bare closet, no shelves, no light, nothing.  Naturally, I started dreaming up how to organize and utilize this closet to our family’s maximum benefit.

My husband (the builder) and I set up a meeting with the cabinet guys and laid it all out…it was going to be a dream!  And then, they came and started to install the cabinets… Continue Reading

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Task #6: Master Bedroom Wall Art

This entry is part 7 of 22 in the series Tackling Tasks

We have a huge beautiful painting in our master bedroom (I can’t figure out how to take a picture of it where it looks right, so you will just have to imagine it is very nice).  But that is literally ALL that is on the walls in that room.  Almost seven years and four mostly blank walls.

We have been planning for a couple of months what we would like to put up there, but we have not been able to find something suitable.  We have also been planning on hanging some candle sconces/metal wall art on one particular wall for over 2 months.  Literally, they have been sitting in our closet ready to be hung, just waiting for someone motivated.

As I am in the process of tackling tasks around the house, today’s task was putting up the sconces!

My husband helped (meaning he put them up on the walls and I watched and told him they looked right) and I am very pleased with the way they look.  We went for a more random look, so we wouldn’t have to do endless measuring.

The hangers on the sconces did require that we measure the distance between the mounting brackets, but this was very simple.  We didn’t even bother with a level, just went for it and eyeballed the results.  I went to the store today afterward to get some votive candles for the glass cloches and I really like the way it adds a little ambiance to the room!

As I am learning with many of these tasks, it was not difficult to complete this task, and it did not take long at all.  This gives me motivation to keep going with the simple tasks that are making a big impact in our home!