Summer Reading Bargains

My best friend, who just graduated from a master’s teaching program in Memphis, TN dropped by yesterday to spend the day.  We hadn’t seen each other for a YEAR!  Naturally, the topics of discussion were varied (and often interrupted by a one year old), but I was shocked to find out that kids who don’t read/have their parents read to them are going to ALWAYS be behind on their reading level once they enter school.  Who needs more incentive to get books into our kids hands?

Here’s how we are reading and saving money this summer:

1.  Library Story Time – We went for the first time this morning to what we thought was On the Lap Story Time.  It actually was a toddler story time extraordinaire!  I was really impressed with the librarian’s enthusiasm and the various activities that were included in the story time.  She actually read 2 books during the story time, but they were the bookends to the 30 minute time period.  During the interim, she led the kids in very interactive songs and movements.  It was wonderful!!  We are going to try to make it a habit on Tuesday mornings for the rest of the summer.  We also got a library card and checked out a couple of books on topics we are currently covering in our One Year Old Preschool.

2.  Memetales – I just found this website this weekend and I am so happy to have found it.  Here’s a little bit more information from their FAQs:

What is Memetales?

Memetales is THE online marketplace for picture books. It is a space where people who love picture books come together to share and create around the books. We believe that creating such a space around every book is indeed the best marketing tool. We will continue to develop ways for people to engage around the books and are quite sure that the more people share around a book, the better it will sell.

They offer free apps for your iwhatever and your cell phone and your kindle to read books to your children anywhere at any time.  I downloaded the app on our iPad (a gift) and checked it out and it is very neat!  They offer free books and pay books, but I checked today and ALL the books are free this week!

3.  Barnes and Noble – Our location has a great kids’ area with tons of books and a very helpful staff member.  I hope to take G there a bunch this summer since they also have a cafe (with the best cookies, EVER!) for mama!  Since we live in the heat of the desert, we have to look for indoor activities.  This will be perfect.   And it is always free to look for a little while!


All these ideas are free and are in addition to reading every night with G before she goes to bed.  We had a wonderful baby shower for her where each person who came gave her a book.  Thus, we have quite the collection for our little reader.  She LOVES books and has just learned how to turn the pages and keep them out of her mouth!

What do you do with your kids to encourage them to read?  Are there any freebies I missed out on that I should know about?



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