Simple Homemaking Routines for Moms- Ask Anna Post

Homemaking routines for moms- Tips for a Smooth Start to the Day

Do you remember towards the end of last year when we did the 28 Days to Clean Challenge and we got our houses in some semblance of order?  Do you remember how nice it was to have the house feeling “company-ready” on a daily basis?  I do!  I loved how easy it was to follow the simple steps to create routines for my home.  I also loved that when I got off track, there wasn’t a crazy list of steps to get back order.  I just had to go back and do the basics.

So, I have been thinking a lot about those routines as a mom of 2 little ones.  And I thought, “Why not just have some very basic steps?”

I wrote a post for Ask Anna this month in which I lay out 4 SIMPLE steps to take tonight to impact you and your kid’s day for the better tomorrow.  These are some very, very basic things you can do to start your day right.  Want to read them?

Go here to read: Homemaking with Kids: Tips to a Smooth Start to the Day

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