Shared Toddler Girls Room

Toddler Girls' Shared Bedroom - Gallery Wall

In our 7 Year Itch, it has taken a long time to get around to “finishing” rooms.  And then change jumps up and forces restructuring, rethinking, and replanning.

Our girls’ room will be changing again in the next few months, so I am already starting to plan for the changes and get excited about what it will look like.  But before it changes, I thought I would share with you our girls’ first shared bedroom.

The getting there was the hard part.  The transition over to their shared quarters took months because they had a problem falling asleep in the same room at the same time.  And honestly, we are still up late each night trying to get them to calm down enough to rest!  But it sure does look pretty.

The first thing we transitioned into shared space was their closet.  When you have tiny ones, it can be easy to fit everything into one closet.  But I think the closet I created will serve us well for a long time because it is very compartmentalized and equal.  It has been relatively easy to maintain over time, too!

This is G’s side:

part of a toddler girls' shared room


And this is W’s side:

Kids Shared Closet Makeover Reveal

The best part of the closet was the inclusion of our custom built-in shelving.  I added a little bit of flair (and girliness) to them with Washi tape and outfitted them with under-the bed storage bins to hold all manner of things.  You can read more about our girls’ shared closet here.

Our girls are still in their toddler beds at this point, but we are planning on adding twin beds into their space very soon (another baby requires us to put convert a toddler bed back into a crib).  But at the time we took these photos, W was still in her crib.

Girls' Shared Bedroom - toddlers

I made the paper flowers that hang above each of their beds using this tutorial.  As you can see we still just use crib sheeting (no top flat sheet) with the girls, and they use their own blankets.  The transition to a top sheet and comforter should be interesting!  And their beds are always filled with a menagerie of stuffed friends.

When I originally started planning their room, I knew I wanted to create a type of gallery wall on the long wall opposite their beds that could change as often as they wanted.  I fell in love with the idea of board and batten look and had our built-in guys add some boards and a ledge while they were working on the closet.  I really like the look of it!


Then I found the ultimate piece of furniture I had been looking for!  I have a kind of love affair with lockers.  My husband and I were shopping for furniture for our living room when we spotted (well I spotted and brought his attention to) these lockers, I knew immediately where they would find their home for the foreseeable future!  I love how versatile lockers are and I love that they make a wonderful transition piece – perfect for growing girls.

We currently keep a portion of our large collection of books in the lockers some of the lockers.  We also keep extra sheets and blankets, a few toys, and the girls socks and underwear in them.  I eventually want to purchase some wire baskets to go in each locker, but have still not found the best price to make me jump on it.

The lockers do cover up most of the board and batten treatment we did on the wall, but I think they still fit, tucked in underneath the ledge.  And these guys are HEAVY!  Like, they aren’t moving any time soon (or ever) kind of heavy.  My husband drilled holes in the back to anchor them to the wall because we didn’t want to have any mishaps (not that they would move).

I love the things included on our gallery wall for now.  I added pictures of the girls from our photo shoot with Erica Mendenhall last fall.  And we have a few pictures that the girls enjoy.  We also have an oil painting my Grandma Mary painted a long time ago (I remember it from when I was a kid!) and a set of the ABC’s I hand glittered.  We have added a few things since we took these pictures; that is the nature of a gallery wall!Gallery Wall

We added a family heirloom rocking chair in the corner, but that will eventually change into a reading corner for the girls.  We are very minimal in what we allow the girls to have in their rooms.  They have books and stuffed friends – no toys to speak of.  It helps to keep the space easy to clean and maintain.  A definite must for kids learning to keep their own rooms clean.

Girls' Shared Bedroom (toddler)

I love this space for our girls and I think they love it, too.  The other night G asked if she could have her first sleepover!  Oh, dear!  I think we are still a few years away from that, but I am glad she wants to show her room off!

Toddler Girls' Shared Bedroom - a simple design that will grow with them through the years - love the lockers!

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  1. Liz Millay

    Love it! If we had a separate “play room” I would definitely take all the toys out of my sons room – it’s constantly a wreck!

  2. This is adorable! I love how you used those old lockers. What a cool focal piece, and so functional, too.

  3. Karen

    What a great room Leah!
    I would love for you to stop by my blog on Mondays and share with us for the Something to Talk About Link party!

  4. Jessica

    I love lockers too! The room came out nicely and the lockers are really the perfect touch. I love that it’s not too girly so you can move it around the house if you need to in the future. I have to be honest, I really want to take a peek inside one of them. lol.

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