Playing Games to Earn Swagbucks

Today we get to the fun part of the Swag lifestyle: the part with games!  If you have been following along in my series about how to earn money with Swagbucks, you have already seen the basics (the To-Do List, the Daily and Monthly Goals, and the Hidden ways to Earn).  Today’s post will fill you in on the free games you can play to earn Swagbucks.  Ready to have some FUN?  Let’s go.

Note: This post includes links to Swagbucks.  If you click those links and sign up for a new account, I will have a small monetary benefit.  I need to let you know that before you move forward for legal reasons.  I am not paid to advertise with Swagbucks.  And I would not tell you about any program that I don’t use and love.  


Let’s talk Swago first.  Swago is a Bingo with SB as the prizes.  Swagbucks usually hosts 2 games of Swago per month.  The first game is a simple board where you typically have to click over to a number of websites to fill out your board to make a bingo combination.  The higher the degree of difficulty for completing the board, the higher the bonus SB amount.  This version of Swago is currently going and looks like this.

As you can see, I have filled out most of my Swago board. The center square on all versions of Swago is always the most difficult.  Usually it requires you to spend $50 on gift cards through a Swagbucks affiliated Gift Card site.  I only ever purchase gift cards through this method if I really need a gift card to a restaurant where we are planning to dine.  The gift cards are typically slightly discounted, and the SB you get when you purchase during Swago should be taken into account when considering how big the discount is.   In my estimation, the reward for this purchase is not big enough for me to take advantage of this offer.  So, I will fill out what I can to get the highest bonus and then submit my board.

The incentive to spend more than a few minutes of your time on this simple form of Swago is just not there.  It is nice for a bonus (and a few clicks are easy to do), but it is not worth going out of your way to make sure you fill out the entire board.  On this one, I will settle for a 35 SB bonus and move on.  By the way, the Bonus you get from Swago DOES accrue to your Daily Goal!  You might want to be strategic about the day you submit your board because it may help you reach one of your Daily Goals.

Note: Make sure you notice the beginning and end times for each game of Swago.  You will need to submit your board before the game ends in order to receive your bonus.

Advanced Swago

Another version of Swago is usually played once a month.  This version is more complicated, but it is more rewarding.  Just as the Daily To-Do list is your appetizer of what is available on Swagbucks, Swago is the full menu.  They want you to explore the SB-earning potential available to you.  They will reward you for attempting and completing surveys, watching videos, visiting websites, utilizing their mobile app and/or using the Swagbutton,  (I don’t have a current photo of the advanced Swago board, but I will add one when it goes live later this month)

The rewards with Advanced Swago are two-fold.  You can earn SB by filling up your board, just like in regular Bingo.  Once you have completed your board to your desired bonus, you submit your board and get Bonus SB for playing the game.  Just like the simple version of Swago, you will need to watch for the beginning and ending dates to ensure you submit your card before the game ends.

The second way advanced Swago rewards you is with spins on another game, Spin & Win.  You get a certain number of spins in Spin & Win for each Swago box you complete AND a bonus number of spins when you submit your board.

Spin & Win

This Swago-related game is played concurrently with each round of advanced Swago.  You will note the number of spins you have accrued at the top of your Swago board.  This game is simply a spinning wheel with prizes.  The prizes can be SB or bonuses.  The bonuses are always a nice reward for completing items on your daily To-Do list, like attempting and completing surveys or searching through the Swagbucks search engine.

I typically will have around 85 – 90 spins for each round of Swago/Spin & Win.  Since it can be tedious to sit at a computer and tap through that many times (and because my kids think it is a treat), I let my kids play this game.  It is simply a game of chance not skill, after all.   The SB you earn through Spin & Win do NOT accrue to your Daily Goal and will only appear in your ledger.  For more information on this, check out my post about the hidden ways to earn Swagbucks.

The rewards or bonuses you get in Spin & Win are located in your account information under Swag Ups.  These rewards do have expiration dates, so you will want to keep those in mind.  If you have a bunch of bonuses for surveys, you might want to try the larger payout surveys until you get your bonus.

The rewards are automatically added to your Swagbucks account.  When you redeem these Swag Ups, they will appear on your ledger like this:


SwagIQ is my favorite game to play through Swagbucks!  It is a daily game show you play on your mobile device.  You answer trivia questions to win SB.  There are typically bonus SB throughout the game for correctly answered questions, but if you make it to the end, you split the grand prize.  I have seen a number of games where the 2 or 3 winners split $1000!

Lest you think I am some sort of trivia genius, I have NEVER been one of the winners of SwagIQ.  But I do enjoy playing the game and can typically answer 8 or 9 of the 10 questions correctly.  Players are also given the opportunity to rejoin the game when they answer a question incorrectly.  The rejoins are available as a reward in Spin & Win, so those are nice to have when playing SwagIQ.

I don’t play every day, but I do enjoy 15 minutes at the end of the day to play a rewarding trivia game.  Plus, the hosts are fun and silly.

NOTE: If you are playing SwagIQ and don’t make it to the end, make sure you stick around to continue to answer for the bonus SB attatched to each question.  And you have to wait until the end to COLLECT your SB, otherwise they disappear!

Team Challenge

Although this game might go down as one of the biggest time-wasters in Swagbucks, it is a free game you can play to earn bonus SB.  Thus, I am sharing a little bit of how it works and how to make it work for you.

Are you a Swagbucks dropout? Unlock the earning potential and make some serious cash by playing games with Swagbucks.

Team Challenge is a game that usually happens once a month.  You find it on the homepage on the left hand menu under the heading Contests.  Once you join, you are assigned to a team.  The team works together to get the highest point total and win the prize.  The reason I say it is a big time-waster is because the prize is usually 100-150 SB.  The tasks you need to complete to accumulate points for your team also do not usually help you accrue your Daily Goal.

However, the way to make this work for you is to sign up to play and go about your normal Swag activity during the challenge.  You will accumulate points for your team without trying.  Then when the challenge is over, you will need to collect your bonus SB in the Swag-Ups portion of your Ledger (see above, under Spin & Win).

Stay Tuned

I have a LOT more to say about Swagbucks.  Stay tuned to this series of posts where I will share my favorite ways to “earn” by shopping with Swagbucks.

Are you a Swagbucks dropout? Unlock the earning potential and make some serious cash by playing games with Swagbucks.

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