Simply Meeting Daily Goals with Swagbucks

Follow these simple tips for meeting daily goals with Swagbucks every day to put some serious pennies in your pocket every year.

In the previous post about making cash with Swagbucks, I shared how to complete the To-Do list every day.   I explained it was one of the two ways you can make sure you are maximizing the benefits of Swagbucks. 

Let’s talk the second way: meeting your Daily Goals.  As their name would imply, the daily goals change daily and vary based on your previous usage of Swagbucks.  There is a benefit to attempting to meet your goal each day. 

 Let’s get into it.

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The Daily Goal for Swagbucks

When you first sign up for Swagbucks, you will notice at the top of the page (no matter what page you are on at their site) a bar.  On this bar in the middle right of the page (for desktop) you will see your Daily Goal.  If you roll your cursor over the Daily Goal, a drop down will appear showing your progress on your goal. It is where you find your To-Do list for the day, too.

Follow these simple tips for meeting daily goals with Swagbucks every day to put some serious pennies in your pocket every year.

You will also notice that you will receive a bonus if you meet a secondary goal.  Today, if I get 40 SB I will get a bonus of 3 SB.  Once I reach my Daily Goal, I will get a Bigger Daily Goal.  If I reach my Bigger Daily Goal – 101 SB, I will get another bonus of 2 SB!

If you are a math genius, you will note that if I meet both my goals for this day, I will get 146 SB for the day.  That may not seem like a ton.  Honestly – it is not. 

BUT if you had this as your daily goal and bonuses every day and met your benchmarks for 300 days of the year, you would have almost $400 at the end of the year!!

Consistently Meeting your Daily Goals

With Swagbucks, as with many things in life: consistency is the key.  You shall be rewarded when you are consistent with meeting your goals.  Monitoring this is as easy as glancing under the daily goal where your current streak is noted.

This means you will get a bonus for reaching your goals on a daily basis.  You can get up to 300 SB ($3.00) for becoming a monthly master. BUT you MUST go to this drop down menu during the first part of the following month to collect your SB bonus. If you do not collect it, the bonus will disappear!

Follow these simple tips for meeting daily goals with Swagbucks every day to put some serious pennies in your pocket every year.

So, let’s just assume that you can get the 7 Day Triumph winning streak 3 out of 4 weeks each month for a year.  That increases your earnings by $39.00 for the year. 

If your goals were the same every day for a year (as the previous example stated) and you met those goals in streaks, you would be much closer to that $400 we were talking about.

How to Reach Your Daily Goals

This is where many people can get stuck in Swagbucks.  They think they need to meet their goal and the only way to do that is to try to fill out a bunch of surveys.  This is NOT how you get to your goal every day.  You simply won’t qualify for enough surveys and you will waste a bunch of your time trying. 

Instead, I attempt to meet my goals every day by starting with my To-Do list.

When I start with my To-Do list, I usually will have at least 5 SB toward my goal.  I will often have more.  Once I have completed as much of my To-Do list as possible, and I am about to walk away from my computer, I set up nCraves to run for a while to accumulate SB while I am doing other things.  (The instructions for this are in my previous post about the To-Do list.)  I come back and check on it periodically to make sure it is still running.

I am not saying you should not attempt surveys as a means of achieving your Daily Goals.  In fact, you will usually get 1 SB – 5 SB for attempting a survey and not qualifying.  And there are times when you WILL qualify for a survey and complete it – Yea! more SB.  But I would not focus on this as a means for meeting my Daily Goal.

One Last Way to Reach your Daily Goal

One last tip for getting to your daily goal with Swagbucks.  Use Swagbucks as your default search engine.  Instead of “googling it,” when you have a question, use the search bar at the top of Swagbucks page. 

My husband doesn’t like the search engine all that much (because he is a computer snob) but I don’t have a problem with the search results I get.  Especially when those search results net me SB!  Swagbucks can be relatively generous with their search rewards. 

I often get 10-25 SB for a simple search.  If I am looking for a recipe or a household tip, I use Swagbucks first.  If I still haven’t found what I am looking for, I head to Pinterest or Google.

Stay tuned to this series because next up I am going to discuss hidden ways to earn Swagbucks.  Oh, I am sure the suspense is killing you!

Follow these simple tips for meeting daily goals with Swagbucks every day to put some serious pennies in your pocket every year.

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