Hidden Ways to Earn Swagbucks

Thanks for sticking with this series of posts on how to earn some serious cash with Swagbucks.  If you are hanging in there with me, you have already learned how to get started making cash with Swagbucks and how to reach your Daily Goals.  Today, I am going to illuminate some of the hidden ways to earn that SB.  Some of them are abundantly clear to those of us who have been using Swagbucks for a while (don’t get any ideas that I will be uncovering the secrets of the Illuminati here), but for those of you who are just getting started on this journey, you will want encouragement to keep going.

Note: This post includes links to Swagbucks.  If you click those links and sign up for a new account, I will have a small monetary benefit.  I need to let you know that before you move forward for legal reasons.  I am not paid to advertise with Swagbucks.  And I would not tell you about any program that I don’t use and love.  

Here we go:

What do you mean “Hidden?”

I simply mean that most of these SB earning opportunities are not easily recognized to the beginning user of Swagbucks.  Most of these are bonuses that do not appear on the Daily Goal tracker.  You can find them in your Account ledger.  You can find your Account ledger by clicking the top right hand corner on any page of Swagbucks next to your current SB balance and your profile picture.  The drop down menu will appear and you will want to click “Activity.”  This will take you to your ledger.

Daily To-Do List completion

In my first post on Swagbucks, I told you the To-Do list is your starting point for consistently earning Swagbucks.  And it is also the first place to find hidden SB.  When you have completed almost everything on your daily To-Do List, you get a bonus SB (don’t get too excited, it is usually 1-3 SB).  That’s not too shabby.  But if you complete everything on your To-Do List (check marks abound), you get another round of bonus SB (usually 1-10 SB).

Note: These bonus SB do not accrue to your Daily Goal.  They are “hidden” in the sense that you can only find them in your ledger.  Here’s an excerpt from a recent day of my ledger.  You can see both the bonus SB for the “1 Step from Complete Bonus” and for “To-Do List Bonus.”  This day’s bonuses added up to 10 SB.  The bonuses are different every day, but it is nice to have a small reward for getting the To-Do list done, right?


Consistent Goal Meeting

As I said in my post about meeting the Daily Goal, consistency is reward in the Swagbucks universe.  If you meet your simple Daily Goal, you get bonus SB (again, these do not accrue to your larger Daily Goal and only appear in the ledger).  You will also get bonus SB for meeting your larger Daily Goal.

But wait, there’s more!  If you meet your Daily Goals in “streaks,” you will get more bonus SB!  These bonuses will come to you in the form of a Monthly Bonus.  The monthly bonus posts to your Daily Goal drop down by the 5th of every month.  And you can get collect your bonus for 10 days after that.  Make sure you collect your Monthly Goal because after the 15th, it will disappear!  You don’t have to worry about being strategic with the day you collect your Monthly bonus because it does not accrue to your Daily Goal – so collect those SB just as soon as you see them!

Massive “Hidden” Swagbucks Alert!

I was wracking my brain to figure out some more hidden Swagbucks opportunities and I finally remembered one.  It was so hidden, I didn’t even remember it!  Ha!

I may have forgotten it for a moment because it is relatively new to my swag game.  I just realized the earning potential available to me a little while back.  And since then I have been earning those SB with no effort at all.  I am simply telling my friends (like you) about Swagbucks and giving them my referral code.

Currently, Swagbucks offers you up to 300 SB for each friend who signs up as your referral.  In order to get the 300 SB, your friend has to earn 300 SB in her first month.  If you use the tips in these posts, you and your friends should be able to earn 300 SB in about 2 days of simple swagging.  PLUS, you earn 10% of what your friend earns for LIFE!!

The hidden swagbucks potential here is HUGE!

More Hidden Swagbucks

You might have noticed on the ledger excerpt above a note for “Jan. Spin & Win 50% Survey Bonus!”  The SB amount I gained for this bonus was 30 SB.  You will have noted that I got 60 SB for completing the survey, too.  The survey completion would have counted toward my Daily Goal, but the bonus would, again, only appear in my ledger.

You might be wondering how I got this bonus.  I got it from playing some super simple free games on Swagbucks, Swago and Spin & Win.  These two games are closely associated with one another, so if you are playing Swago (most of the time), you will want to be playing Spin & Win.

Spin & Win is where I got this and other bonuses.  A sampling of the bonuses available through Spin & Win are: survey bonuses, free rejoins on SwagIQ, Search bonuses, and redemption bonuses.  I got the Spins for Spin & Win from playing Swago.  This is the reason I said they are closely associated with one another.

As you can see the bonuses for playing these games can be quite nice.  Not bad for a hidden way to get more cash!

I started to write a little bit about Swago and Spin & Win in this post and then it got REALLY long.  So stay tuned to the next article where I will explain how you can play games and earn Swagbucks.

Are you a Swagbucks dropout?  Unlock the earning potential of Swagbucks by finding these hidden ways to earn SB.

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