One Year Old Preschool

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1 year old preschool

As recently as two years ago I came to terms with the idea that I might have the ability to teach others.  Can you see that I haven’t fully come to terms with this concept?  I mean, doesn’t it seem pretty presumptuous to call yourself a teacher?  Doesn’t it imply wisdom and understanding beyond that of the students?  The Lord took me on the journey to become a Precept Bible study leader after about 6 years of studying Precept courses.  I must say it has been an amazing blessing and it is indeed humbling.  I am often “teaching” women who are twice my age so it is hard still to call myself a “teacher.”  Often I get around it by calling myself a “leader of discussion” and to be quite honest, that is how I approach “teaching” the Bible.

But, having a baby makes you a teacher whether you like it or not.  From the moment they are cognizant, babies are observing your every movement and adding it to their stores of information about how the world works.  In the first year, it is miraculous, spectacular, and amazing how much a baby learns.  It is amazing the recognition, motor skills, and general development of a small child in just one year.  And they say the second year is just as amazing.  I guess I am a little more apt to view myself as a teacher of my child because I am so much farther along on the journey.  Finally, a student I am more capable than!

For a while I have been toying with the idea of actually creating units and focusing on teaching our little one specific things in an order that makes sense to me, based on her needs and abilities at each stage of life.  We have noticed that she is a very good listener and a go getter.  She already recognizes many words and I see potential in this little one!  I figured her first birthday was as good as any time to start on this little experiment.  So, I sat down and wrote out a quick unit on the body to start her off.  We feel it is important to teach her about her body (the parts, who she is) for a number of obvious reasons, but also because we are expecting another one very soon and I want her to be able to understand (in her one year old mind) what it means when I say, “Mama has a baby in her tummy.”

So, please join me on this little journey of ours.  If you have a little one close to our little one’s age, please feel free to use any of our ideas.  If you have little ones a little bit older than ours and you have tips, please feel free to share them!  I would love to have more ideas for the next time we go through these “units.”

Each week, I will post about what we did for the week to focus our little one’s attention on the topic at hand.  Each post will include the songs we sang, the books we read, and the activities we did to try to impart basic knowledge to her.  I will try to share our successes and failures in the process.

Oh, what an exciting journey!


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  1. Christina

    This is the BEST thing I have found yet. Please keep doing what you’re doing! Thank you for all the great ideas!

    1. ussleah

      Thanks, Christina! I always love an encouraging comment!

  2. trish

    I look forward to starting this with my 2yo with Down’s. She’s still not verbal but I like the approach you are taking. Thank you for sharing

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