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March MAIDness: Day 8 – When Life Happens

Pass along this Simple.Home.Blessing.

I have a confession.

I am human.

Which means I have some serious failings.  But it also means that life happens to me just like it does to everyone.  Things come up, plans get changed, intentions go by the wayside.

So, in the midst of a series on cleaning, my house has become what I like to term a “serious mess.”  I mean, we are talking beyond 15 minutes, BIG TIME.  The song goes, “Mama said there’d be days like this,” and it is true.

So, to get back on track, I am harkening back to some of the best (and at times most frustrating) advice my mom gave me:

DON’T waste a trip!

I could be rich off of the proceeds of the amount of times I heard this phrase growing up.  But I would be a millionaire for the amount of times I have said it to myself.  It is stuck in there for good!

But, just as I was when I was a kid, sometimes I just don’t want to listen to the voice that tells me to pick up something and take it with me as I go.  I would rather leave the clutter-inducing items where they lay and get frustrated with myselft later for how much I have to clean.

Well, I am changing my mind and determining:

Today, I will not waste a trip.  I will pick up an item, or a basket of items each time I leave a room, walk upstairs, walk downstairs, head to the trashcan, etc.  And when I get where I am going with those items, I will put them in their proper place.  I WILL!

Are you with me?  Today’s challenge is: DON’T waste a trip, all day.  Headed to the kitchen?  Take your empty coffee cup with you (bonus points if you wash it and put it away).  Going to the laundry room?  Pick up that sock lying on the floor and take it with you.  Going to your office?  Pick up that stack of books that has been taunting you from the corner of your bedside table and take it with you.

Let’s see how much clutter we can bust if we just, take it with us when we go.


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  • Reply June Dees March 13, 2013 at 9:38 AM

    wonderful idea !! so glad your not going to waste a trip. great blog.

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