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March MAIDness Day 3: 15 minutes to change your life

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So, Day 3 and still no specific cleaning assignments…what gives?  I am a little bit more philosophical (aka procrastinatorial – yes that is a new word) about cleaning.  I am a planner, so I like to have everything ready before I begin.

So on day one, we got the essentials together and on day two, we created a plan for weekly cleaning.  What’s next?


One of my cleaning essentials is a timer.  I am a huge fan of the timer.  I can’t tell you how much the timer has changed my perspective on cleaning.  Go. Get. A. Timer. Today!

How much time?  15 minutes.



I have a rule that I don’t like for my rooms to be beyond “15 minutes clean.”  Because I use a timer so diligently, I have discovered just what I can get done in that amount of time.  And let me tell you, it is MUCH more than you might think.  Thus, I have this sense that a room is getting too messy and I can start the tidying process before it gets too far beyond what I can handle.

Obviously, this is more of a maintenance cleaning tip.  But the way to make it work even if you are, shall we say, beyond 15 minutes is to multiply by 3.   Each week day, three times a day, set the timer for 15 minutes and get moving.  I recommend you always have the kitchen as one of your hot spots for 15 minutes.  Then I would say the main living rooms of your home and an area of your home that really needs some attention.  If you do this Monday through Friday and just once on Saturday, you will have given only 4 hours to keep your home clean each week.  Not bad when the alternative is slaving away all weekend to get the house clean.

Oh, and break it up.  If you are multiplying the 15 minutes by 3, don’t do it all in one run, if it doesn’t work for you.  Take 15 minutes in the morning to get the main living areas clean.  Then take the project area on in the mid-afternoon.  And before you go to bed or after dinner, tackle 15 minutes in the kitchen.

So the challenge for today: get your timer, set it for 15 and get cleaning on an area of your choice.  You might be surprised to see what you can get done in such a short amount of time.

Leave a comment letting me know what area of your home you chose and what you were able to accomplish.


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