March MAIDness – Day 23 – Resources for Homemaking

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simple homemaking resources to feed your mind and your soul, ideas to motivate your homemaking and cleaning routines

Throughout this series I have been sharing the routines that work for me. These are the habits that I have developed throughout my 15+ years as a homemaker – the ones I return to even in difficult seasons.

For the last day of this series I wanted to share the resources I love. The ones that have stood by me in the various seasons of homemaking.

In previous posts, I have shared a the essential household supplies I use. As well as how I maintain my tools. Today I am sharing some of my favorite homemaking resources to feed my brain and my soul.

This post may include affiliate links. If you click and make a purchase based on my recommendation, I get a small remuneration at no extra expense to you. I only recommend things I use and believe to be a blessing.

A Laundress’ Rhyme

Today’s post is basically just an excuse to share the things which bring me joy as a homemaker. I am starting with this Mother Goose poem.

They that wash on Monday

Have all the week to dry;

They that wash on Tuesday

Are not so much awry;

They that wash on Wednesday

Are not so much to blame;

They that wash on Thursday

Wash for shame;

They that wash on Friday

Wash in need

And they that was on Saturday,

Oh! they’re sluts indeed.

I laugh each time I think of this poem because it uses the old meaning for “sluts.” In the old days, a slut was a slovenly person. The meaning of the word has shifted a bit, hasn’t it?

I think this would be wonderful printed out as art work for a laundry room. If I had an eye for design I would do it.

A Homemaker’s Library

The reading resources I consider absolutely essential to my homemaking are the following.

The Bible

Through my Bible study, I have found many passages which speak directly to the art of homemaking. Neglecting time in the Word is something I rarely do. I have set aside time in my day to do Bible study. This one is a non-negotiable habit.

A good selection of cookbooks

I was sharing a little known fact about myself with one of my closest friends the other day. Before we had kids, I cooked a new recipe almost every night I cooked. I literally cooked through cookbooks. We rarely had the same meal twice. Even if it was a big hit, my husband would see that meal maybe twice or three times. Seven years like this left me with quite a large collection of cookbooks.

Although I no longer cook a new recipe every night – I still change it up and try new recipes often. Our simple menu planning routine has me cooking more in this season of life and I love it!

A Favorite Homemaking Magazine

A while back I unsubscribed to all the magazines I used to get. It was a dry spell of magazines for a number of years. And then they slowly started to trickle back into our house. There were two which stood the test of unsubscription and resubscription: Real Simple and Good Housekeeping. I still love to get recipes from Southern Living, too – but I don’t have a subscription to it anymore.

That said, currently there is a stack of these magazines needing my attention. I haven’t looked through them in a while. Going through them during my breaks from homeschooling is something to which I look forward. Every once in a while, I will grab one to read in the car while my husband drives. They give me ideas for homemaking, organizing, cleaning, and cooking.

A Good Homemaking Book

I recently saved The Complete Book of Home Organization to my Scribd list. And I discovered they have the audio version of Dana White’s book, Decluttering at the Speed of Life, so I put that in my queue.

Did you get a chance to hear my Cleaning Playlist and see my podcast recommendations? Those are also things that feed my mood as a homemaker, for sure.

What are your go-to resources for homemaking encouragement?

simple homemaking resources to feed your mind and your soul, ideas to motivate your homemaking and cleaning routines

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