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love this room!

We “finished” our living room remodel toward the end of last year.  But as with most projects, there is always something more to be done.  We are quite possibly the slowest decision-makers I know – especially when it comes to spending money and choosing things for our home.  But our patience usually pays off by getting exactly what we want, when we need it, and at a great price.  That happened this week for us with the baskets in our living room.  We designed our living room shelving unit to hold some larger baskets at the bottom without knowing what baskets we would purchase to go there.  And the search was long and arduous until my husband came home with two baskets he found on clearance at Target – and now we finally have our living room organization complete!

Living Room Organization - adding baskets to store extra blankets and pillows


I was kind of surprised at the choice he made in the baskets, but I am just happy to have baskets that fit the look we want, at a great price.  We had to take a trip to another local Target to get two more baskets to fill the bottom shelves and so we have a total of four milk crate baskets.

I quickly figured out where they would go and what we would put in them to fit the needs of our family.

First we created a reading space for our girls in the corner of the living room.  The reading space has a dedicated light, floor pillows, and baskets with books in there.  We have books tucked in places all over our house and the girls LOVE to read their books.  In one basket we placed some favorite board books.

Living Room Organization - a reading area for young kids

In the other, we placed their new Bob books – we are loving their Bob books!  I ration out these books daily, and they start reminding me the moment we come downstairs that they need a new book today!  I keep the collection of books they haven’t read yet up on a higher shelf.  And the ones they have read are now stored in one of the milk crate baskets.

Living Room Organization so simple that toddlers can maintain it

The girls respond well with having a specific place for their things and will help to clean up when prompted, as long as they know where everything goes.  This simple organization system will definitely be manageable for them and will help keep the books organized!

With the other two baskets, I wanted to create a little organization for our comfort items in our living room.  We have a couple of pillows and some blankets that don’t see every day use, but they are good to have on hand for when we need them.  I put two small throw pillows in one basket and blankets and a “picnic blanket” in the other.  They sit close to our couch for easy access when we need them.  The throw pillows are great to have on hand because the shelving system also serves as extra seating in our living room.  The pillows can help to make that seating more comfortable.

Living Room Organization - stowing away extra blankets and pillows

I LOVE our shelving system (designed by my husband) and NOW the living room organization is complete.

Living Room Organization - adding bins to the bottom shelf to store books and create a reading space


I am participating in the Wait No More Challenge with IHeart Organizing this month.  I have really appreciated the timing and simplicity of the challenges. Do you have an organizing project that is lingering?  Wait No More and join in with the challenge!



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  1. Fantastic! I love your whole built-in set up. Thank you for sharing. I’m going to have some fun looking around your blog.

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