Hope for Homemakers, 28 Days, Day 11

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Good morning!

Oh, my!! I fell off last night!  I just didn’t get the dishes done (even though there were very few) and I didn’t sweep before bed!  Uh-oh!

But the best part of this challenge and these new habits is I can get back on track VERY easily.  All I have to do is take a deep breath, do the dishes, and then sweep the floor.  I can be back on track in about 20 minutes!  Not bad.

Are you reading along in 28 Days to Hope for Your Home?  Did you notice that Mrs. Dana slipped something in on us today?  The nerve!  🙂

Actually it is not that bad and it is something you will likely have been doing as a natural extension of doing the dishes.  Here’s a modified list:

28 Days to Hope Challenge Week 2 ToDo Sounds easy enough, right?  I am off to complete it right now!

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