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hope for homemakers textI can’t tell you what a motivation it has been for me to know that you are doing this with me!  If no one was paying attention, I might slack off a bit! Instead I have had a clean sink and clean dishes two mornings in a row.

So, I want to give you today’s challenge, but I also want to encourage you to be mindful of the amount of time it is taking you each day to do the dishes.  Is it already an easier task than it was on Monday?  I hope so!  By month’s end this will be a habit that becomes second nature, but only if we do the work, take the time, and yes, suck it up when we don’t want to.

Yesterday I had you share your excuses with me and the most common answers were related to being tired at the end of the day. And simply not wanting to do it.  This is commonly called…lazy…I didn’t say it, that is the common name for it!  Again, kidding!

But seriously today’s task will attempt to drag us to the end of the day without being confronted by that big pile of dishes in various states of disarray, full of excuses, and exhausted from the million thoughts of the day.  And you are going to like it, right?!

The book tells us to do the dishes twice in the day (right now and then later before bed).

I will leave the light bulb moments regarding today’s task to Dana White and you to work out between yourselves throughout the rest of the week.  But I would like to say that I always feel a bit better about doing the after dinner dishes (usually my biggest load of the day) if I am starting with ONLY the dinner dishes, not the breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, etc. dishes.

Oh, and I have my first dish washing tip for you (I say it like there are going to be a bunch of them, so hopefully I can come up with some more)!  I got this one through doing kitchen duty at a ministry some summers ago.

Do you like to fry up bacon (or other yummy fried things)?  Do you hate to do the dishes afterwards?  Me, too!  Here’s what makes it easier:

before you pour out the coffee

After you have poured the excess grease into a container (you know the one), and run a paper towel over the bottom and sides of the pan to get as much grease as you can (you do these two things, right?), pour a cup of your morning coffee over the pan before rinsing it.  It clears up the remaining grease without getting your scrubbers and sponges full of grease.  Try it, it works!

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  1. evonne cordellt

    Love a clean kitchen first thing in the morning.

    Thanks for the tip about using coffee to cut grease. Never heard that before but will definitely try it. Almost always have a bit of coffee left over.

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