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Oops!  I took a nap last night that turned into an early bedtime (to bed before 8 awake at 5:30) and I left a sink full of dishes and a dirty kitchen.  Thankfully, I was able to get most of the dishes (minus hand wash stuff) in the dishwasher (love modern conveniences!) and I am not too far off track.  I had done all the other things on my list before I went to bed last night.

Isn’t it nice to wake up to de-cluttered bathrooms and kitchens now?  Don’t you just love the new normal (in no way a recommendation of that NBC show, is it still on?)?  And by normal I mean that even when we fall off (ahem…go to sleep early) we can get back on track relatively easy and just keep moving forward.

Yea for us!

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Or are you a REBEL?  Dana White talks about our rebellious side in the book today and let me just tell you I do have to fight my rebellious tendencies to make these habits stick.  I have all sorts of excuses!  I also have all sorts of procrastination tools in my belt.  I think that is what they trained me for in college!

But when it gets down to it, I LIKE the way it feels when my home is clean and rebelling against cleaning is really something that adds frustration and misery to me.  My family could overlook the piles of junk and dirty dishes and still love me, get along normally with one another and all the stuff a family does.  But, I am more peaceful, hopeful, and less stressed when I don’t have those things weighing on me.

I have more freedom to be the homemaker I want to be: a loving wife who celebrates the arrival of her husband each day, greeting him with a kiss and a smile instead of handing him all the problems of the day.  A fun mom, ready to engage in fun activities and read all the books, and snuggle in for “naps” on the couch.  A servant of the Lord, using my home as a way to bless and minister to other people.

So are you a REBEL or have you caught on to what gives you true hope for your home?

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