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Decluttering Step by step Progress report

Oh, the project for decluttering and setting up my husband’s office seems like it will never end.  It seems like when I make progress, we suddenly have something else pop up in the way of more progress.  This past week my husband (rightly) decided that it was way too hot in his office and he wants to install a mini A/C in the wall.  He’s a builder and so he knows people who can do this in their sleep, but I kind of wonder how many days (and nights) it will take to actually get it done.

In the mean time, I have been in planning mode.  Because when progress on a project is just not happening, I like to keep in mind the end goal and make sure it is something we really LOVE.  Planning is my happy place!

I thought I would share with you a portion of my vision for this room.

Home office organization makeover plan

We are trying to do this home office organization project on a budget, but we are really starting from scratch.  My husband is a builder and a computer nerd, so he had a desk custom-made for him earlier this year and purchased a HUGE monitor for the room.  The desk takes up most of a long wall in his office.  The desk does not have a window over it, so there is a wide expanse of wall ready for some serious organization.

  • We found lots shelving options that we love, but I think we have settled in on the turnbuckle shelves from Dot&Bo.  I really love the look of them and think they will function well for us.  I think we will get two of the triple anchored ones and one of the smaller double anchored shelves.  This should effectively fill up the large length of space we have above my husband’s desk.
  • We were shopping in Bed Bath & Beyond (of all places) the other day and found some artwork that my husband loves!  And the price is right on it, too.  So we will pick this cassette tape art for the wall, too.
  • As far as more functional storage, I have picked some simple storage options.  I love the look of a magazine file, which will be good on the shelves.  And these simple media storage boxes are nice for a little pop of color on the shelves, too.   I found a great wall mounted file holder for him to use to separate out his active jobs.
  • My husband also needs a spot to put the large blueprints/plans for his jobs.  So, I am looking for a rolling bin storage.  I like this one, but if I can find another one that is taller, it would be better.
  • We already have a short filing cabinet in the room and I put up an in/out box for my husband’s mail – I wrote about it in my last update on this project.

This space is a shared space for my husband.  We use it as both his office and a guest room, so we have to maximize the space and organization.  I am excited about this process and finally getting it done.  Hopefully we will be able to have the a/c installed in the next week.  Here’s hoping!


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