First Foods and First Messes

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first foods and first messes - cleaned up with super soft WaterWipes

This post was sponsored by WaterWipes as part of an Ambassador Program for Influence Central. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.  As always, all opinions are mine.

Baby skin is SO soft and so sweet.  I am not sure exactly when it loses that special baby-soft quality, but I know it disappears.  I have had friends want to smell my children, touch their whisper soft cheeks and soak in the sweet baby-ness that only lasts an instant.  Our sweet little man (AG) still has it – he is 8 months old – and I am soaking it up while I can.

Soon the snakes and snails and puppy dog tails will take over.  Our sweet little cuddle-bug  will be running around jumping in mud puddles.   Those milestone first foods will become first messes!  For now the messes are staying quite contained.

We are just now getting into the food messes that come with each new flavor and each texture discovered.  This was our little one’s first strawberry experience.  Blame Daddy for leaving his shirt on him and letting him go for it.

First Foods mean first messes.  Cleaning up is super easy and gentle with WaterWipes

Something New

You learn a few things each time you have a kid.  And this time around we have learned the new fuss-free way to get cleaned up after all those food experiences for AG.  In the past, we cleaned up our little ones using a regular wet wipe or a damp paper towel.  But, we recently discovered WaterWipes – and they are a game changer for more than just diaper changes.

Something Soft & Pure

WaterWipes are SUPER soft – WAY softer than our regular diaper wipes or our rough paper towel wipes.  They don’t have any chemicals on them – none.  They have just 2 ingredients: 99.9% pure Irish water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract.  Where we used to get screams and freak-outs at the end of messy meals with our girls, we now get peaceful rub-downs.  They have been so effective in cleaning our little guy without fussing, we started using them on our 3-year-old when she gets messy, too!

I have been impressed with the strength of the wipes because they are so SOFT.  One might think they would break up upon use, but they are durable enough for some big messes (both food and diaper messes).   I am able to clean up our little guy and then use the rest of the wipe to quickly wipe down his high chair after meals.

first foods and first messes - cleaned up with super soft WaterWipes.

We have been using our WaterWipes in almost every room of the house.  I also tucked a pack into my diaper bag, so I can clean up all the kids on the go – how do they get SO messy?

Something Sweet

If it has been a while since you have been able to drink in the sweet smell and touch the super-soft skin of a baby, here’s a sweet video about WaterWipes.  Oh, goodness it is sweet, fascinating, and makes me weepy all at the same time!  Check it out!

This post marks the first of a series of posts I am doing as an ambassador for WaterWipes.  I can’t wait to show you the other ways we are using and loving WaterWipes!

first foods lead to first messes - here's a super simple and natural way to clean up baby

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