Celebratory Homeschooling – An Approach

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Celebratory Homeschooling: guest post for Life, Abundantly blog from Simple.Home.Blessings.

After writing a guest post for one of my favorite homeschool blogs – Life, Abundantly, I was offered a contributorship over there! Humbled by the task at hand, I wanted to write about a topic which would be an encouragement to homeschool moms. The topic I settled on was Celebratory Homeschooling. Here’s a tiny excerpt:

I contend homeschooling should be a celebratory act. It should be full of delight in discoveries, revelry in reading, and triumph in trials conquered. And yet, even I hit times when I struggle with a simple smile in the midst of my day.

And here’s a little more of that post:

What is Celebratory Homeschooling?

Celebratory Homeschooling is the art of diligently delighting in the tiny moments of a homeschool day. That’s it.

Head on over to Erin’s blog, Life, Abundantly to read the rest of my thoughts on the topic of Celebratory Homeschooling. I pray you find it an encouragement in your homeschool journey.

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