A Mother’s Hymn – Encouragement for the Homeschooling Mom

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A Mother's Hymn by William Cullen Bryant - encouragement for moms

As you know, I create Gathering placemats for my kids for morning time. So I am constantly reading poems, quotes, and books looking for morsels for the placemats. Sometimes I think, I should make some sort of Gathering for moms – a source of riches just for moms.

I came across this beautiful poem sometime recently and thought it would be a perfect encouragement for moms. I pray it blesses you. There is an image you can save to your various boards, as you like. Or print it out.

Blessings to you!

The Mother’s Hymn by William Cullen Bryant

Lord, who ordainest for mankind
Benignant toils and tender cares,
We thank Thee for the ties that bind
The mother to the child she bears.

We thank Thee for the hopes that rise
Within her heart, as day by day
The dawning soul, from those young eyes,
Looks with a clearer, steadier ray.

And, grateful for the blessing given
With that dear infant on her knee,
She trains the eye to look to heaven,
The voice to lisp a prayer to Thee.

Such thanks the blessed Mary gave
When from her lap the Holy Child,
Sent from on high to seek and save
The lost of earth, looked up and smiled.

All-Gracious! grant to those who bear
A mother’s charge the strength and light
To guide the feet that own their care
In ways of love and truth and right.

A Mother's Hymn by William Cullen Bryant - encouragement for moms

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