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Since our first unit in One Year Old Preschool was the body, I thought it would be fun to make a book with pictures of G’s body parts.  She is nothing if not vain (aren’t we all?); so she loves to look at pictures of herself.

So, I gathered the following supplies:

  • a cheap photo album (from Target) – $2.00
  • a set of letter stickers (from Target) – $1.00
  • construction paper
  • pictures printed through a promotion at Shutterfly – FREE!


Once I got all these things together, I decided to orient my photo book landscape rather than portrait (so the cover flips up instead of left to right).  I tore the construction paper (I like the rough edges it creates, but you can use scissors) to size and placed stickers on the paper to spell the words I wanted (eyes, ears, mouth, nose, etc.).  I placed the photos at the bottom of the photo book pages and slipped construction paper with the words in the upper photo page.  It looked like this at the end:


A tip for using the Shutterfly website to get your pictures:  you can crop the pictures and edit them after you have uploaded and selected which ones you want.  Thus, I was able to get extreme close-ups of G’s little body parts, using pictures we already had.  Otherwise, you could do a photo shoot with your little one attempting to get close-ups (this did not work for us, since she is on the GO all the time!).

For some reason, my camera will not take a picture of the cover (I think it has too much glare), but the cover is just another piece of construction paper, torn to fit, with the words “MY BODY” on it.


I think she is going to LOVE it!  After all, it is pictures of her!


I grabbed a couple of extra photo books and I am preparing one of family members for a future preschool unit.  And I love that this little project was so inexpensive!


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