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ABCs of Saving: Email Yourself Deals

Pass along this Simple.Home.Blessing.

ABCs of Saving - Email Yourself Savings

Today’s tip is a real quick one, but it is by far one of the best ideas I have come across in my savings journey:

E-mail yourself deals.

I told you it was simple!  But wait, there is a catch…

I know some of you just freaked out thinking about the sheer amount of spam about to hit your inbox.  The trick is to create a deals account for yourself.  It could be something as simple as: <deals4(your name here)@youremailprovider>.  Don’t worry about creativity points on this one, this is a purely functional email address.  I recommend you use the same email provider for your deals account as you use for your personal email.  That way, once you have the deals account set up you can link the accounts and access both accounts easily.

After you have set up the account, give that email address out whenever you are signing up for newsletters online or in store.  Use it as your contact on all the rewards programs for different stores.  Use it to sign up for contests, if you like.  This keeps your personal email inbox clear of the clutter of all your savings emails.

The beauty of having this separate account for deals is that you get to decide when you are feeling up to checking out deals.  You can check it once a day or once a week and you aren’t bombarded with temptations to spend money just by opening your personal email.  Another great benefit of having a deals account is you only get the emails you want.  I have had my dedicated deals email for about two and a half years and I have noticed I don’t get much spam.  I get to control who emails me and I have noticed companies that want your business don’t sell your email addresses very often.

Who would have thought that it was so easy to control your email and save money?


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