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Gathering - morning time place mats for your kids. Finally get to the art study, hymns, and Bible memory work you have been wanting to get to, effortlesslessly
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The entire time I have been doing homeschool, a morning time routine seemed a natural way to work through our day, getting devotion, prayer, memory work, and the like into the mix.  Something informal for the little ones to be able to naturally start to join in as they were ready.  I found myself sitting in the same place every morning (the hearth in our living room) and telling the kids, “Gather ’round.”  Not all of them would come, but I had the quorum I needed…usually.  The little ones would wander in and out throughout our Gathering.  They would hear a song they wanted to enjoy with us and come running.  They would wander back to their toys when the music died down, toddling back in for their turn to sit on Mama’s lap for reading.  It was really loose.  And inconsistent.

We started settling into a routine of morning time a while back.  It was a natural outcome of the rhythms of our day.  But getting a routine right took some adjusting.  And sticking to it became even harder as seasons in our lives changed.  Thankfully, I feel like we have really found our homeschool groove in the past 6 months.  Scheduling seems to be easier. Getting through the day without major tantrums is a blessing in itself.  And staying the course when diaper changes or nap times interrupt our day has become de rigueur. Continue Reading

Growing Up

We Said Good-Bye to Kindergarten Math

Why we said Goodbye to Kindergarten math

I am not normally one to completely give up on something right out of the starting gate.  But about 2 years ago, I gave up on kindergarten math about 3 lessons in.   Yep.  3 lessons.   I thought we could go back later, when I had a little more patience.  Later ended up being an entire year.  We said good-bye to kindergarten math and we never looked back.  Two years later and one kid more in kindergarten and I have absolutely no regrets.

Is it time for you to say good-bye to kindergarten math, too?  Or should you not even waste your time, energy, and money on a math curriculum for your kindergartner?  I don’t know.  But I don’t mind sharing my thinking behind this epiphany to help you decide. Continue Reading

Pennies from Heaven

Playing Games to Earn Swagbucks

Today we get to the fun part of the Swag lifestyle: the part with games!  If you have been following along in my series about how to earn money with Swagbucks, you have already seen the basics (the To-Do List, the Daily and Monthly Goals, and the Hidden ways to Earn).  Today’s post will fill you in on the free games you can play to earn Swagbucks.  Ready to have some FUN?  Let’s go. Continue Reading

Pennies from Heaven

Hidden Ways to Earn Swagbucks

Thanks for sticking with this series of posts on how to earn some serious cash with Swagbucks.  If you are hanging in there with me, you have already learned how to get started making cash with Swagbucks and how to reach your Daily Goals.  Today, I am going to illuminate some of the hidden ways to earn that SB.  Some of them are abundantly clear to those of us who have been using Swagbucks for a while (don’t get any ideas that I will be uncovering the secrets of the Illuminati here), but for those of you who are just getting started on this journey, you will want encouragement to keep going.

Continue Reading

Pennies from Heaven

Simply Meeting Daily Goals with Swagbucks

In the previous post about making cash with Swagbucks, I shared how to complete the To-Do list every day.   I explained that it was one of the two ways you can make sure you are maximizing the benefits of Swagbucks.  So let’s talk the second way: meeting your Daily Goals.  As their name would imply, the daily goals change daily and vary based on your previous usage of Swagbucks.  And there is a benefit to attempting to meet your goal each day.   Let’s get into it. Continue Reading

Pennies from Heaven

Simply Earn Cash with Swagbucks

I was blown away with how much money I was able to accumulate over a year as we prepared for our dream Disney vacation.  The extra cash offset our expenses by THOUSANDS of dollars!!  And I have shared it in real life with any one who will sit still long enough.  But it can be a bit misleading to tell someone, “I did it and you can too!” without following up with the how-to.  We all need details, right?  So, I am writing this for my friends and you can benefit, too (hopefully).  Here’s the beginning of the rundown on how to make some serious cash with SwagbucksContinue Reading

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