Where to Shop for Husbands & Dads

Where to Shop for Husbands & Dads

My husband is the easier of the two of us to shop for.  He keeps a running list of wants and is willing to share it with anyone who asks, “What do you want for ____?”  No matter the occasion, it is easy to find something I know he will love.  And for that I am truly thankful.  BUT, I like to think of something he hasn’t thought of to give him on his birthday and for Father’s Day – just to surprise him.  It takes a lot more thought than just checking his list and picking something I know (and he knows) he wants.  So, I like to pay attention to the websites he talks about.  The ones where he actually finds things that he likes.  And I thought I would share them with you so you can get your husband or your dad some really neat stuff for birthdays, Father’s Days, and other special holidays.

Mass Drop

My husband has been talking about this website quite a lot lately.  The concept is sort of a crowd-funded discount for specific items.  Mass Drop will advertise an item on their site (in very specific categories  – many which appeal primarily to men and geek-men) and as more and more people express interest in purchasing that item by placing it in their carts, the price drops incrementally.   The amount of time each item is on the site is usually 7-10 days and you don’t get charged for the item you have chosen until the end of the sale, when the lowest price prevails for all the customers.  So, even if you saw something you know your husband likes at the beginning of the sale and placed it in your cart, you would not be charged until the end of the sale and you would get the lowest price available for that product.
The categories currently available on Mass Drop are: Audiophile, Auto, Tech, Writing, Everyday Carry, Men’s Style, Hobby Shop, Mech Keys, Quilting (lots of men out there doing this, I am sure), Pro Audio, Ultralight, Photography, and RC Cars.  As you can see these are pretty specific categories that appeal mostly to men.  My husband is constantly talking about their audio equipment and tech deals.
Mass Drop categories
One thing to keep in mind when shopping on Mass Drop is to shop early.  Once the sale ends, they place the order with the vendor that sells the product (at the community-derived lowest price) and the vendor ships it to their warehouse.  Once it is in Mass Drop’s warehouse, they ship it to you.  So check the estimated shipping dates and make sure your husband’s gift will arrive in time for your celebration.

Man Crates

Getting in on the gift box fun, but with a manly (and very tongue-in-cheek) twist is Man Crates.  They have a TON of options of fully stocked man gifts that come in interesting gift boxes. If your man is into grilling, mixology, fishing, sports, gaming, or just about anything, they have a box that he will love.  My favorite is the Smash and Grab Gift Card!  I mean, what man doesn’t want to smash into something with a hammer?  All of their crates ship in a box with a crowbar!  How fun! And I love their advice for those who are having difficulty getting into their Man Crate:
man crate instructions
Take note: if the man you are shopping for served or is currently serving in the military, Man Crates offers a 10% military discount!

Loot Crate

Are you shopping for a Comic-Con enthusiast, a gaming nerd, a tchotsky-obsessed geek?  Loot Crate is where you should begin and end your search.  This subscription box service is like nerd and geek heaven delivered to your door each month.  My husband has had this subscription in the past and LOVES it.  The stuff that comes in each box, I do not get at all, but he seems incredibly happy with each item in each box. Each box also comes with a coveted t-shirt with an appropriately nerd/geek obsession represented.  My husband got one that is a skull made of cats – he gets compliments on it EVERY SINGLE TIME HE WEARS IT!  It is kind of crazy, but he loves it!   loot-img_525x450_opt
Getting Loot Crates for your husband or dad is kind of fun because you can get them a subscription for a number of months to stretch out the geek fun for longer than just one day.  They have a number of different subscriptions available and they offer special limited-edition boxes, too!  And you can get a discount code for$5 off your first crate by signing up through this link.

Think Geek

Can you tell that I am married to a geek?  Don’t worry, he is proud of the name!  He passed along this site to me when I asked him about writing this article.  And when you visit Think Geek, you will discover THE place where gamers and geeks go to shop.  There are so many geek-tastic products available here, you are sure to find something for the man in your life.
If you are planning on shopping with Think Geek, you will definitely want to make your purchase through ebates.  If you are not an ebates shopper, it is the way to shop online and insure the best deal available by getting cash back (rebates) on your purchases when you shop through them.  You will want to visit ebates, locate the shop you are looking for (in this case Think Geek), click through to the site, and then shop as you normally would.  ebates will keep track of your purchase and will issue you a rebate which is a percentage of your total purchase. (Currently the rebate for Think Geek is 2.5% of your purchase, and if you are new to ebates, you get $10 after your first purchase)

Touch of Modern

This is zulily for men.  I love zulily, but they are definitely working for a specific demographic that doesn’t include men very often.  Touch of Modern is a site that does flash sales that are geared primarily toward men.  And they have lots of options each day that are unique and interesting for every guy.  They provide more sophisticated product line than some of the websites I have already mentioned.  If you are looking for something a little more upscale at a discounted price, you should definitely look into Touch of Modern.
Touch of Modern offers $10 off your first order AND also works with ebates to provide a rebate on your purchase price.  (Currently the rebate for Touch of Modern is 3.5% of your purchase, and if you are new to ebates, you get $10 after your first purchase)


I am tacking onto the list my husband gave me of sites he shops at one that I know he shops at, too!  See, I am paying attention!  He doesn’t often purchase from Uncrate because the items are a bit more, shall we say, aspirational.  But it is such a fun site to shop that I had to include it.  This, too, is a flash sale site.  But most of the items you find on this site are likely still far out of your budget for your husband.  You can find items in decent price ranges, but for the most part this is just a fun place to browse the possibilities for your dream vacation or the things you would buy if you won the lottery.  Things like this bike for $17,000.


I would be remiss if I didn’t include Amazon on this list because my husband shops here ALL THE TIME!  Since we shop through Amazon enough to make it worthwhile, we have Amazon Prime and get free 2-day shipping on most items (as well as a BUNCH of other benefits!, try it through this link for 30 days free).  My husband keeps track of his ongoing wants with a wish list on Amazon.  Remember I said he has a list ready for anyone who asks?  This is where he keeps his list!  When it comes time for me to shop for him, I just ask him to send me the list via email and I go shopping for him, knowing he is going to like what I pick from the list!

Bespoke Post

My husband is pretty excited about this site.  They have a few options for shopping here, so you can find something that works for your husband (or dad).  You can traditionally shop for individual items according to various guy-related categories: style, grooming, outdoor, etc.   Or you can chose a subscription box option.  With this option, you get an email at the beginning of each month that reveals the boxes for the month.  They select one for your man based on his preferences; but he gets the option to purchase that one, change it to a different one, or “let it ride” (meaning you skip the month).  They also offer free shipping on all orders over $45.

Where to Shop for Husbands and Dads - bespoke post

Bespoke Post offered a really fun bonus for Father’s Day this year: when you spent $45, you got a free Father’s Day theme box (a $50 value!).  So, if you are thinking about Bespoke for your special guy, you may want to sign up for their email offers, so you can hear when they are doing something fun like that again!

I love getting the perfect gift for the men in my life, so I love to shop at these unique places.  Are you shopping for your husband or your dad for something special?  Where do you typically shop for them?
Where to shop for Husbands and Dads to get the perfect gift every time

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  1. MaryBeth

    When I saw the title of this post, my first thought was…”I already have a husband AND a dad, I don’t need to shop for one!”

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      How funny! But they may want you to shop for things for them!

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    We’ve bought from Man Crates for Preston before. If we order for him again, I’ll go through your website. I’ve noticed Drew & Preston think a lot alike. 🙂

    1. ussleah

      Thanks, Cindy! Yes, I know guys are different, but the lists of Father’s day gift ideas almost never apply to Drew. So I thought I would share what he really shops for.

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