What To Do When Your StitchFix Is WRONG

What to do when your StitchFix goes WRONG. Simple solutions to make it right.

The convenience factor for StitchFix is sky-high.  The looks they send in their Fixes are super chic.  And the service they provide is so WORTH it!


What if your Fix goes completely WRONG?  What do you do?  Do you chalk it up as a loss?  Or do you complain?  And if you complain, how do you do it?

I have been using StitchFix to help out my wardrobe woes for about a year and a half.  I don’t get a Fix every month.  Just when I know there is something missing in my closet.  And I have had an incredibly positive experience with their service so far.

But last month, I was as specific as I have ever been in the comment section they ask you to fill out when you schedule your Fix. I thought I was going to get exactly what I had always been dreaming of!

The result: really WRONG!

So, I worked through the process of returning the items and had the difficult email conversations that come as a result of shopping on the internet.  And I came up with some tips to make it easier for you, while making it absolutely fair to the company I LOVE, StitchFix.  And I thought I would share with you what to do when your StitchFix is wrong. 

Is it really WRONG?

This is the most important thing you need to consider when you open that beautiful box of goodies.  When I got my Fix last month, I could tell something was off before I even opened the box.  It was as though I had a sixth sense.

As I said before, I was the most specific I have ever been with my stylist in my note to her.  I told her I did not want any accessories in this Fix and that I would like a pair of boyfriend jeans (I got more specific on that in the notes).   I also told her that our desert is crazy hot in the winter, so please don’t send me a sweater!

So, I open the suspect box and…

2 accessories – a super, super cute purse and a scarf

A pair of jeans – not boyfriend, not my size, not the length I would wear.

black shirt.

black dress with polka dots (super cute).

I had a moment when I wondered if the note I had written to my stylist had been a fever dream (on the order of Rory’s Autumn jaunt with a little help from her friends).  It may have been because, for some strange reason, StitchFix won’t let you see the notes you sent your stylist after you have written them.  If you want to save them, I recommend you copy and paste them to the email confirmation you get for the Fix (You’re welcome).

But the note I wrote DID happen.  And so I had to figure out if this wrongness was worthy of a communique with StitchFix.

The question I had to ask myself was, “How many of the items are just WRONG?”

If it had been just one LESS wrong item in the box, I would likely have not even said anything.  But the fact that the majority of the items in the box were wrong was the tipping point.  This was going to have to be addressed.

Your determination of when your Fix is WRONG can only be based on the amount of information you have given them.  The basics like sizes and preferences for styles are included in your free style profile.  But the stuff that you tell them on a Fix to Fix basis will tell them more about what will make it RIGHT.  A general rule I would follow would be if the majority of the Fix is just wrong, it is time to talk to them to let them know.  That said, there is more to the story about what they send in your box.

Adjust Your Expectations

I read an article long ago about the goals StitchFix has for each Fix they send out.  While they would be absolutely thrilled if you love everything in every Fix and you can’t help but buy it all, they have more realistic goals for their stylists.  They are actually only shooting for you to purchase ONE item from each box!  I know.  I was shocked – but it does make sense.

Keeping their goals in mind, look at your Fix and ask yourself, “Is at least one item in this Fix absolutely RIGHT?”   If something in your box is just perfect, this is a successful Fix for StitchFix.  Yea!  If the item is in your budget and you are already thinking about all the pieces in your closet that will pair with it, you should snag that thing up!

The reason I decided to email StitchFix was there were two things wrong with the Fix they sent me.  One, I really had only two items to choose from.  And two, the items I had to choose from were not absolutely right.

What to do when your StitchFix goes WRONG. Simple solutions to make it right.

Play Up their Strengths

Even if you have gotten the worst Fix. Ever. you can likely come up with some sort of positive thing to say when you write to the company to let them know how disappointed you are.  When I composed my email, I wanted to make sure to let them know I love their service and love the clothes I have purchased in the past.  So, I tried to lead with that.  Instead of constantly complaining about the short falls of this particular Fix, I tried to tell them the things that I appreciated.

Then, I shared the problems in an honest and straightforward manner.

I honestly believe that customer service representatives are more amenable to doing their job well when customers are nice!  Being as positive as possible never hurts.

Tell Them What Would Make it Better

I am a firm believer that in customer service, the customer is always right.  And I think the power of the customer is really strong.  (I mean, we can walk out the door never to return, right?)  But there are responsibilities we often forget we have as customers.  The biggest one is: tell them what you want but BE FLEXIBLE.

I prefer an option for making it right to abject failure every time.  So, if there is something they could do short of refunding your styling fee, try to suggest that.  When I wrote my email to them, I gave them a couple of options for how they could make it right.  I told them I would still really like to have a pair of boyfriend jeans, if they have them in the right size (they DO offer exchanges now!).  I asked them if that was possible – way to save the Fix!

And at the bottom line, I asked them if there was anything we could do and suggested a do-over.  I kind of hoped they would try again and only charge me the one styling fee.

The result?  They refunded my styling fee for the Fix and offered to style me again for free!

Honestly, I would have been happy if they had just refunded the styling fee on the failed Fix. I feel like they went further to make it right and make sure I had things in my closet that I LOVE.


One More Thing

I really struggle with the expense associated with purchasing from StitchFix.  It is not cheap!  And I am super-frugal.  However, cost is NOT a reason to complain to the company and hope to get the styling fee back.  The only time where cost would come into the question of whether a Fix is right or wrong would be if they went out of control with the price of the pieces they send you.  And there is a way to ensure they send you things closer to your budget: TELL THEM!

Instead of complaining about the cost, I only order fixes when I have credit from referring someone or am ready for a larger outlay of cash.   That way money is not the problem in making my decisions about the items they ship.

What to do when your StitchFix is WRONG. Simple solutions to make it right.

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