Toddler Tip Thursday: Laundry Helps

laundry helps for toddler and baby moms, so simple solution to common laundry problems

Have you noticed that kid’s and baby’s socks are tiny and are more prone to the “my dryer must have eaten it” moments?  And do you get annoyed when you have run some of your baby and toddler’s bibs through the wash only to find that the velcro is stuck to every other piece of laundry but the bib itself? I think these must be two of the most common laundry annoyances for new and toddler moms.

I am always looking for simple solutions to my household problems and I love when I have have a domestic epiphany!  I recently came up to the solution to my baby laundry problems and I thought I would share it with you.  This solution solves two separate problems.  I love a two for one!

Problem #1 The velcro on my baby’s bibs sticks to everything in my laundry.

Problem #2 Tiny socks get lost OR stuck inside of footie pajamas when I do laundry

laundry helps for moms



Solution: Purchase (or repurpose) a lingerie bag and add it to your laundry supplies. Baby Bib Laundry Tips

Tuck the socks inside a lingerie bag (I like the ones that have zippers, affiliate link). zip it up and send the bag through the wash with a load of your child’s clothes. When they come out of the dryer, you will have all those tiny socks in one location, ready for easy sorting and folding.  No more finding little loose socks in the bottom of a pair of footy pajamas!

Throw the soiled bibs in the lingerie bag, zip it up and send the bag through the wash with your other kitchen linens.  When they come through the wash, they will be clean and separate!

The investment of a few dollar is worth saving yourself the frustration of losing and then finding missing socks only to discover they are attached to the velcro of three of your bibs.

NOTE: I don’t do my bibs with our girls’ clothing.  I run them separately with the kitchen and cleaning towels.

laundry helps for moms

What other laundry tips do you have for baby and toddler clothes? Please leave a comment and share!

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  1. Lizz

    I use wood clothes pins to keep my granddaughters socks together. Havent’ lost any yet..I would velcro her bibs closed, they didn’t get stuck to other things.

    1. ussleah

      Thanks for those tips. I velcro the bibs together, but they always come apart and end up stuck to something else in the laundry! I guess mine are old or something!


    Saftey pin the toes of the socks together!, and I always hang the bibs to dry to make the velcro last a bit longer.

    1. ussleah

      Love it! Christel, thanks for sharing!

  3. Annie

    I totally do the bibs and socks in a mesh zip bag! I used to get soooo frustrated when hubby threw a bib in the laundry hamper without velcroing it closed!!! Baby girl clothes have a lot of lace that it sticks to!
    I purchased a mini pop-up laundry bin off a college dorm clearance rack, attached it to the wall of our first floor laundry area with a Command Hook and throw all bibs/dirty baby clothes in it. I just empty it when doing a load of kids clothes and don’t have to do a search through laundry for those bibs!

    1. ussleah

      Oh, what a great tip! Yes, laundry duty is off limits to anyone in the house besides me and my 23 month old. She knows how to do it right! Guess who taught her…:)

  4. Gracielle

    Great tip! I HATE laundry, so I’ll take any advice I can get. Socks are a lost cause in this household. Thanks for sharing.

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