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This week in our One Year Old Preschool, we are focusing on the major parts of the body (legs, arms, head, and tummy).  It was very hard to come up with ideas for activities.  I thought about it all weekend and then on Monday, I had all sorts of ideas (amazing what a little bit of prayer will do).

Baby Play - Hat Time

This was a fun one for our focus on the head: HAT TIME!!

cloche-hatI went around the house and got every kind of hat I could think of (tam, ball cap, fedora, cloche, page-boy, sun, stocking cap) .  Then I thought about a couple of “offbeat” hats (a colander, a strainer, and a homemade paper hat) and threw them in a pile to be ready after nap time.  G is not so much on having anything on her head, but she did wear some of the hats for a very short time (long enough to capture the pictures).  We had a “rule”: Everybody wears a hat!  So, we did a lot of trading and exchanging as she took them off.  While we were trying them on, we looked in the mirror and talked about hats going on our heads.

dad's hat.jpg

I got the inspiration for the homemade paper hat from the children’s book Hetty’s 100 Hats and it has a how-to for the hat.

paper hat.jpgThis was lots of fun, even if she was not that interested in wearing the hats!

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