Tiggly Shapes for Tots: a Review and GIVEAWAY!

NOTE: I received this product as a giveaway and I liked it so much I am sharing a review.  I was not compensated for this post and I am sharing my honest opinion.

Modern-day technology is moving so much faster than I am prepared for.  My husband and I have the age-old “When I was a kid” conversation so often in regards to technology.  And he is much more prepared for the advances than I am.  He is the computer nerd in the family and I am the one who barely scrapes by (even as the writer of this blog).

I tend to be the parent who says no to technology of most kinds except as a treat or something special.  We limit the screen time our oldest has (thankfully our youngest is just not interested in any screens yet…yes, she is mine!).  And I am kind of dead set against her playing a lot of games on screens.

BUT (!) I am amazed at how innovative and intuitive some of the games on the market are.  I don’t have a lot of experience with apps and things for kids, so I am just a mom speaking from the limited exposure I have had to these things.

I recently won a set of Tiggly Shapes and had to borrow an iPad so we could play with them.  What we got was a set of four sturdy shapes (star, triangle, square, and circle) with a carrying case and the access to three free apps.  The apps are Tiggly Safari, Tiggly Draw, and Tiggly Stamp.  The idea is to use the shapes to stamp the screen and “draw.”  The child is instructed to press the physical shape to the corresponding digital shape on the screen.  The purpose stated on the Tiggly Shapes website is to help toddlers develop spatial reasoning, motor skills, language, and creativity.

Playing with Tiggly Safari, using Tiggly Shapes
source: Tiggly.com

When G (2.5 years) started playing with them, she was immediately immersed in the experience, interacting, talking, and giggling.  She already knows her shapes (from a shape sorter she got for her first birthday), so she was kind of thrown for a loop when they turned a square on its side and still called it a square (she said, “that’s a diamond!”).  As a mom, I love that there is a mix of activities for kids with all abilities in this age range .  Whether a kid is just learning shapes or already knows them, there are challenges for their motor skills, creativity, and listening skills.  I love that as she gets older and can do more, she has options to make the experience new and different.  They have an option to record your child telling a story about what they have drawn (so you can capture their imagination and save it!).

Playing with Tiggly Safari, using Tiggly Shapes
source: Tiggly.com

I liked all the apps, but our favorite was Tiggly Safari.  This one has the kid draw animals using the shapes.  What makes it fun and more interactive is as the child is building the animal, the sound the animal makes is playing.  It becomes a guessing game of what animal is being created.  It was fun to ask G, “What animal do you think it is?” and hear her responses. There are also three scenes for the animals (farm, jungle, and ocean).  The ocean one ups the spatial reasoning and memory skills development by creating a moving and disappearing target for the kids to hit with their shapes.

I would recommend this to moms of toddlers and did!  I passed on our set of Tiggly shapes to one of my mom friends who owns an iPad and told her enthusiastically how much fun they were.  I think she was a little taken aback with my excitement!  I think the shapes would make a great gift for iPad-owning families!


source: Tiggly.com

Tiggly Shapes Review and Giveaway - the perfect toy for iTots

Would you like to check out the Tiggly Shapes for yourself and your toddler? 

Tiggly has generously provided a second set of shapes for me to give away to one of my readers!  Yea!

You will get a set of the Tiggly Shapes with a carrying case and access to 3 Tiggly apps.  Just fill out the form below.  You will get an extra entry if you pin the “Win A Toddler Must Have” picture above (just let me know in the comments).

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NOTE: I received this product as a giveaway and I liked it so much I am sharing a review.  I was not compensated for this post and I am sharing my honest opinion.


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  1. Rachel

    My toddler doesn’t really play any games on screens (I’m with you on limiting that time). But she loves to play with her daddy’s work toys when he lets her (iPad, Surface, etc.). I’m sure she would love this, and I would love that it’s educational as well!

  2. Lauren

    My daughter loves letter tracing apps!

  3. Karianne

    My son loves our local zoo’s app for looking at and learning about the animals there!

  4. Sherie Alexander

    She plays mostly the fisher price, toca boca, and PBS app that are free 🙂

  5. Jess

    My almost 2 year old loves the Endless Alphabet app. He’s just learning his letters and this silly letter and vocab centered app makes it fun!

  6. Courtneymomof5

    My toddleris in love with Baby Bus and Dr. Panda. Both are teaching style apps and we love them. These look really neat.

  7. Laura @ Lalymom

    My 3 year old really likes Endless Alphabet, Letter School and- for fun- the Mr. Potato Head app.

  8. Emma

    Right now my daughter likes playing with her new Dora app!

  9. Sabrina Balas

    PBS all the way!

  10. brynne

    he loves to color!

  11. Oh We are getting my almost 3 yr old a tablet for Christmas this year she plays with my older daughters all the time and LOVES it. I think she would just love this!

  12. Jennifer

    My toddler LOVES Endless Alphabet. Adorable game that helps his vocabulary. He only plays it on Papa’s iPad so it is a special treat! I think these would be so fun for Nana and Papa’s house!

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