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The EVERY Night Toddler Sleep Solution



We have tried it all…all of it.  We have tried singing lullabies. We have tried the Jo Frost solution – um…sorry that one really didn’t work.  We have tried punishments (oh, that one is awful!).  We tried essential oils.  We tried massage.  We did it all.

A. L. L.

We even tried that new “magical” book  – the second night she refused to listen to it.  And nothing helped our oldest toddler get to bed easily.  She is a fighter.  She is always up and ready to go.  She’s the one who gets a full 40 minutes and is ready to go for the rest of the night.  So, I am always on the hunt for the next toddler sleep solution.  And I will try just about anything.

But, I finally came up with a sleep routine that helps my toddler wind down enough to be still and [most nights] get to sleep quickly. Continue Reading

Growing Up

Simple Toddler Birthday Shirt

Our youngest daughter just celebrated her second birthday a couple of weeks ago!  I can’t believe how she has grown from such a tiny thing to an active toddler!  And what a blessing she is to our family; she is so sweet!

As we were getting ready to celebrate her birthday, I was in the midst of one of the busiest seasons of my year.  I was teaching Bible study, making costumes for our annual visit to Mickey’s Halloween Party, working on a major contributor post for another blog, and keeping this family close to on-track.  And we found out that another one of our friends was having a birthday party for her son on W’s actual birthday.  Instead of thinking of that as a headache, I thought it was a blessing, because I just didn’t have the time to plan a full-blown party. Continue Reading

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12 Must-Do Crafts to Make before Your Tot is 3

crafts to make before your tot is 3

I do not consider myself very crafty.  I am definitely not artistic and have never taken an art class.  But our first daughter is very artistic, possessing a natural bend toward creating and expressing herself through art.  We noticed it really early.

That meant I had to come up with ways for her to be able to express herself.  Since I am not naturally talented in that area, the crafts I came up with for her to do are very simple.  But it is their simplicity that make them something any parent can replicate with her kids.

Continue Reading

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Multilingual Reads for Tots


I am by no stretch of the imagination multilingual.  But, I do love languages!  Over the years I have studied Latin, Spanish, Hebrew, and Greek (and a tiny smattering of Amharic).  I am not fluent in any of these languages, but I have seen the benefits of basic exposure to other tongues.  Generally, when studying other languages, we discover other cultures and customs, as well.  So, I love reading books to our little ones that introduce other languages.  I came up with a list of reads for toddlers and preschoolers for just this purpose and some tips for introducing these books to little ears! Continue Reading

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A Bed Time Book List


Note: This post includes affiliate links. When you click on the images of each book (on the left) and make a purchase, your children will be grateful and so will I! I will receive a small remuneration for referring you. No pressure, the book list is free and libraries are amazing!

At the beginning of last year we made a resolution to read to our daughter every day. When we started out she was 7 months old and the books we had to choose from that were appropriate to her age were limited, but we had lots of books for bedtime.

What we discovered was that bedtime book reading is the key to reading throughout the day.  Once we started reading diligently each evening, her passion for books in general grew.  She found new favorites and would spend hours looking at and “reading” books. Continue Reading

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Toddler Tip Thursday: Laundry Helps

Have you noticed that kid’s and baby’s socks are tiny and are more prone to the “my dryer must have eaten it” moments?  And do you get annoyed when you have run some of your baby and toddler’s bibs through the wash only to find that the velcro is stuck to every other piece of laundry but the bib itself? I think these must be two of the most common laundry annoyances for new and toddler moms.

I am always looking for simple solutions to my household problems and I love when I have have a domestic epiphany!  I recently came up to the solution to my baby laundry problems and I thought I would share it with you.  This solution solves two separate problems.  I love a two for one!

Problem #1 The velcro on my baby’s bibs sticks to everything in my laundry.

Problem #2 Tiny socks get lost OR stuck inside of footie pajamas when I do laundry



Solution: Purchase (or repurpose) a lingerie bag and add it to your laundry supplies. 

Tuck the socks inside a lingerie bag (I like the ones that have zippers, affiliate link). zip it up and send the bag through the wash with a load of your child’s clothes. When they come out of the dryer, you will have all those tiny socks in one location, ready for easy sorting and folding.  No more finding little loose socks in the bottom of a pair of footy pajamas!

Throw the soiled bibs in the lingerie bag, zip it up and send the bag through the wash with your other kitchen linens.  When they come through the wash, they will be clean and separate!

The investment of a few dollar is worth saving yourself the frustration of losing and then finding missing socks only to discover they are attached to the velcro of three of your bibs.

NOTE: I don’t do my bibs with our girls’ clothing.  I run them separately with the kitchen and cleaning towels.

What other laundry tips do you have for baby and toddler clothes? Please leave a comment and share!