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Stop Chasing Balance, Start Being Present

stop chasing balance start being present - time managment progress starts with simple small changes of everyday routines
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One of my favorite organizing blogs I Heart Organizing is challenging her readers to finally get organized in their lives, instead of putting it off…again!  Each week for four weeks, she is focusing on ONE area of organization in our lives that will make a big impact, but that we have likely been putting off.  And she wisely is starting with a more internal organizing challenge: time management.  This is the one that almost everyone struggles with.  And I am no exception!  And though I am not really planning on working through her printable Time Management worksheets – not because they are not useful, but because I have already done them in the past and know what I should be doing with my time; I am planning on getting back on track with what I have already been feeling convicted lately of concerning my time.

A few weeks ago, I went to a conference (blog/business related) and the most major takeaway for me was this statement:


Nest Building

Media Storage Makeover

Media Storage Makeover - simple solution

I guess I am pretty old school by now.  We still have a TON of CDs.  Yes, like my dad’s collection of old records (I’ve got dibs on those by the way!), our outmoded music option is still my favorite way to listen to music.  Most of the music on them is also in our computer and my husband is more MP3-friendly than I am, but we still own a LOT of great music on CDs.  The problem is we had a really horrible way of storing our CDs.  I mean really bad!  All the CDs (or most of them) have been shoved into two cardboard boxes in our loft and stored next to the couch.  Almost like a broke-down side table for the couch.  Yeah, it was bad.  And even worse, I wasn’t using these CDs…they were literally just sitting there collecting dust.  As I have been working through our Clutter Free Journey, I knew I just had to deal with this glaring problem.  And so I set out to give our media storage a makeover.

Are you ready for me to share our CD craziness with you? (cringe) Continue Reading

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10 Minutes to Peace and Quiet in your Home

2 simple ways to bring peace and quiet to your home, simple solutions that take less than 5 minutes each

One of the many things to consider when bringing a child home from the hospital is whether you are going to be a quiet house or a loud house.  Are you going to let the baby sleep in almost womb-like silence and refuse to move a muscle while she is napping?  Or are you going to make as much noise as possible in order to get the baby used to the idea that life is not always quiet, but sleep can happen anyway?

So, those may be the extremes, but it is a consideration most parents make and adjust life accordingly.  We said we wanted our little one to be able to sleep anywhere and through anything (just like her mama!); but when life actually happened, we found it was relatively quiet around here most of the time anyway.  So she became one of those “I can sorta sleep anywhere, but if there are people in my line of vision, don’t even think about it” babies.  Thus, she sometimes awakens after a loud, unexpected noise startles her.  But lately, there has been a real problem preventing her from sleep: squeaky door hinges!! Continue Reading