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Media Storage Makeover - simple solution

I guess I am pretty old school by now.  We still have a TON of CDs.  Yes, like my dad’s collection of old records (I’ve got dibs on those by the way!), our outmoded music option is still my favorite way to listen to music.  Most of the music on them is also in our computer and my husband is more MP3-friendly than I am, but we still own a LOT of great music on CDs.  The problem is we had a really horrible way of storing our CDs.  I mean really bad!  All the CDs (or most of them) have been shoved into two cardboard boxes in our loft and stored next to the couch.  Almost like a broke-down side table for the couch.  Yeah, it was bad.  And even worse, I wasn’t using these CDs…they were literally just sitting there collecting dust.  As I have been working through our Clutter Free Journey, I knew I just had to deal with this glaring problem.  And so I set out to give our media storage a makeover.

Are you ready for me to share our CD craziness with you? (cringe)

media storage makeover - before

I have attempted to begin to address this problem in the past.  Thus, I had a place I wanted to store the CDs and I had an idea of how I wanted to store them.  I just lacked the motivation to get this going.  As I said, the Clutter Free Journey was the impetus I needed to remove those boxes from the floor in the loft and order some more organizers to accommodate the collection.  Then I plopped myself down on a pillow in the living room and organized those CDs in the time it takes to watch one episode of Gotham (my husband just found out I don’t really like that show, I just watch it because he likes it).

The Media Storage Solution

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These are the CD storage cases I found a while back at Wal-Mart.  I had to order some more online and they are not exactly the same (the color coded portion is oval on the new ones), but they are the same shape and size, so they work for stacking.  Each block of 4 CD booklets holds 96 CDs in less than 7 cubic inches.  So I can store all my CDs in a small space.  I previously had 3 of these blocks and I ordered 3 more.

 The System

I decided to clear out a shelf in our laundry room to store our CDs closest to where they would be used.  I listen to them in our car, mostly.  So, as I get ready to go, I grab one of the individual CD booklets and take it with me to the car.  When I have listened through that set of CDs, I return the one from the car and grab another one.  This way I get to hear all the music I love on a regular basis and I can continue to weed out the CDs we no longer want (an unopened copy of John Mayer’s debut album, anyone?).

Media Storage Makeover - Grab and Go CD solution

I am so happy with how it is now! Everything looks nice and neat.  The CDs are organized and enjoyed!

Media Storage Makeover - great organizing solution for CDs and DVDs


Are you old school like me?  How do you store your CDs these days?

Here’s a glimpse of the laundry room cabinet where I keep our media.  Stay tuned for a full reveal of our laundry room makeover.

Laundry Room Organization - Media Storage Solution


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  1. Evonne Cordell

    What a great idea. I don’t have that many but I found a long basket that holds them all and doesn’t take up too much space.

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