10 Minutes to Peace and Quiet in your Home

2 simple ways to bring peace and quiet to your home, simple solutions that take less than 5 minutes each

One of the many things to consider when bringing a child home from the hospital is whether you are going to be a quiet house or a loud house.  Are you going to let the baby sleep in almost womb-like silence and refuse to move a muscle while she is napping?  Or are you going to make as much noise as possible in order to get the baby used to the idea that life is not always quiet, but sleep can happen anyway?

So, those may be the extremes, but it is a consideration most parents make and adjust life accordingly.  We said we wanted our little one to be able to sleep anywhere and through anything (just like her mama!); but when life actually happened, we found it was relatively quiet around here most of the time anyway.  So she became one of those “I can sorta sleep anywhere, but if there are people in my line of vision, don’t even think about it” babies.  Thus, she sometimes awakens after a loud, unexpected noise startles her.  But lately, there has been a real problem preventing her from sleep: squeaky door hinges!!

Oh goodness, how loud these seem to be when the rest of the house is quiet and peaceful.  So after days and days of saying, “We have got to grease those things!”   I finally broke down and got it done!  And it took less than 5 minutes to grease every door of the house.  I use this silicone from B’laster on our door hinges (including the cabinets) and it works really well!

May I encourage you to investigate the disrupting things in your home and attempt to abate the problem?  It usually takes only a few minutes to solve the problem and then you have instant peace and quiet!

By the way, babies are not the only ones who can be startled out of a dead sleep by sudden noises.  My husband told me a little while ago that the cabinet doors in our kitchen make a LOT of noise when I am doing my late-night cooking.  It is not like I am downstairs slamming doors and trying to be a distraction.  So, I problem solved by investing a small amount of money for sticky-backed felt pads that are small enough to fit in the corners of all our cabinets and drawers in the kitchen.  It took less than 5 minutes to install them and, “Voila”: peace and quiet (not to mention a happy husband)!

Are there any noise makers in your house (not the human variety) that you have silenced resulting in peace and quiet for your home? 

2 simple ways to bring peace and quiet to your home, simple solutions that take less than 5 minutes each

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