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Nest Building

Awana Leader Thank You Gift

Our kids have been in Awana for since our oldest was a Cubbie! And now we have the distinction of having one kid in each of the youngest levels of Awana. We have a Puggle, a Cubbie, a Spark, and a TNT!! All the leaders for the Awana program we go to demonstrate a dedication and love for these kids and the Lord every week.  We are so thankful for them!

A few years ago we put together some sweet Awana leader Christmas gifts. I got to thinking about them the other day (because it is that time of year) and I looked back at this blog post and updated it. Here it is with recipe and printable gift bag toppers.

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Nest Building

Back to Milk and Cookies

make the perfect back to school snack, cookies and milk with a2 Milk® and these super simple recipes for kids to make

The following post was sponsored by a2 Milk® as part of an Ambassador Program for Influence Central.  I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.  As always, all opinions are my own. 

Oh, goodness!  We are about to embark on a new part of the parenting journey!  Kindergarten!  I can’t believe we are already here.  It seems like the world could not have possibly gone 5 times around the sun since we had our oldest one.   But here we are and I am excited and nervous (and excited and nervous, in that order) to start this new season in our lives.

I am currently in crazy planning mode: getting our “school” room set up, changing up the girls’ play area to include a new (boy) addition to the fun, banking meals in the freezer for this fall, and trying to figure out what in the world we are going to eat every day! And though all the planning can be a little overwhelming at times, I have created my own reward system in all the planning: Cookies!  And milk!

Now, back at the beginning of the year, I would have never added the milk part to the mix.  I was perfectly content with just a cookie thanks.  And it was because I have had some tummy troubles when I drink milk.  But this year I found a solution to the tummy troubles: a2 Milk®!  It comes from cows that don’t have a hormone that is thought to cause most typical tummy issues in humans.  So, it has me not only getting ready for back to school, but also back to milk and cookies! 

And since I am in my intense planning stage for back to school, I thought I would share with you what we are planning for our after school snacks for this fall: Milk and Cookies!  I mean this classic combination has been making kids squeal with excitement for ages – right?  And I definitely want our kids to have some baked yumminess to look forward to at least once a week.

Bonus points on the day they have just come out of the oven.

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Growing Up

Simple Summer Activities: Strawberry-Banana Ice Cream

As I have mentioned on this blog previously, I am always in search of simple summer activities for our girls to do.  And I have been waiting to make ice cream with the girls for quite some time.  But when I found this recipe for Strawberry-Banana Ice Cream that did not need an ice cream maker, I knew this would be easy and fun for us!  The girls loved making this ice cream almost as much as they loved eating it!

Throwing everything together took only a few minutes of prep before the girls got up.  If you have older tots, you can have them help you to cut the bananas and prep them for freezing, while you cut the strawberries. Continue Reading

Growing Up

Hobo S’mores for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Hobo S'mores

Have you ever made hobo s’mores?  We love them (!) because they are so easy to make and taste SO good.  If you have never made or had a hobo s’more and you are wondering what one is; it is basically a marshmallow with chocolate and graham crackers all on a stick.  They are utterly cute, portable, and so giftable for any time of year.  We haven’t made them with our girls yet, so I thought it would be fun to change it up a little bit for Valentine’s day and make them using heart-shaped marshmallows.

This little project is perfect for little hands because it involves lots of fine motor skills and has a yummy result!  We made our Valentine hobo s’mores with our 3.5 year old and our 2-year-old, but these are perfect for any age kid.  These would make really great Valentine treats to give at a class party, too! Continue Reading

Growing Up

Kids in the Kitchen: Basil Pesto

We haven’t been able to get it together enough to work on actual preschool activities, but there are always opportunities to learn around here.  Lately, we have been learning in the kitchen together.  We have tried some new recipes and challenged G’s fine motor skills while working on following instructions.  The kitchen is always a great place for these (and other) skills to be honed.  And the results are almost always yummy!

I got a great deal at the grocery on a package of organic basil and I immediately thought of making pesto with G.  The process is so easy and I just knew she would love using the food processor. Continue Reading