Hobo S’mores for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Hobo S'moresHave you ever made hobo s’mores?  We love them (!) because they are so easy to make and taste SO good.  If you have never made or had a hobo s’more and you are wondering what one is; it is basically a marshmallow with chocolate and graham crackers all on a stick.  They are utterly cute, portable, and so giftable for any time of year.  We haven’t made them with our girls yet, so I thought it would be fun to change it up a little bit for Valentine’s day and make them using heart-shaped marshmallows.

This little project is perfect for little hands because it involves lots of fine motor skills and has a yummy result!  We made our Valentine hobo s’mores with our 3.5 year old and our 2-year-old, but these are perfect for any age kid.  These would make really great Valentine treats to give at a class party, too!

Here’s the recipe and procedure for making them:

Valentine Hobo S’mores

Valentine's Hobo S'mores


1 bag heart-shaped marshmallows (we used Kraft strawberry flavored hearts)

1 container ready-made chocolate frosting (we used Pillsbury)

1 sleeve graham crackers (crushed)

1 pkg. lollipop sticks

a wax paper lined pan


Prepare the marshmallows for dipping by inserting a lollipop stick in the bottom of the heart (the pointed end).  This is a really great fine motor exercise for preschoolers and toddlers!

While the kids are working on the lollipop sticks and marshmallows, take the lid and the inner seal off of the container of ready-made frosting.  Microwave the container for 30 seconds on high.  Stir.  You are basically just wanting to make it a little bit runnier than it would be when cold.

Help the kids to dip the marshmallows into the chocolate frosting, holding the end of the lollipop stick.  Swirl the marshmallow above the frosting to allow excess to drop off.

Valentine Hobo S'mores - Kids in the Kitchen

Press the chocolate covered marshmallow into the graham cracker crumbs.

Lay the hobo s’more on the wax paper lined pan.  Refrigerate for 20 minutes until set (or until you can’t wait any longer, whichever comes first).  You will note that G had a little bit of a difficult time waiting.


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As I said these hobo s’mores would make a sweet little gift for Valentine’s parties.  To get them ready for gifting, slip a clear treat bag over the hobo s’more and tie a small ribbon or string around it.  So cute and simple!

Valentine's Hobo S'mores - perfect for class gifts

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