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Simple Tsum Tsum Mickey & Minnie Costumes

Our girls are like a lot of kids their age: obsessed with all things Disney!  They love Minnie and Mickey and all their friends, too.  And a while back we discovered a fun Disney toy that was price conscious enough for us to start a collection: Tsum tsums.   Over a number of months, we have collected quite a few of these fun little toys.  And so when it came time to dress up to go to Mickey’s Halloween Party, we thought it would be fun to have the girls dress up as Mickey & Minnie Tsum Tsum!

The costumes ended up being really simple to put together, so I thought I would share a quick how-to with you about the costumes. Continue Reading

Growing Up

A Box-o-Lantern for Preschoolers and Toddlers

A Toddler/Preschool Halloween craft, a box-o-lantern

Are you not quite ready to carve a pumpkin with your little ones?  I know we aren’t!  There’s something about toddlers and sharp objects that should not mix.  In fact, I don’t really like to carve pumpkins at all.  We will get to cutting open a pumpkin later in the season to explore the insides and get all gooey.  But to start off our fall fun this year, we created a fun no-carve alternative to a pumpkin that will last all season.

This project was borne of a painting session we were doing that I wanted to extend until we could get the girls in the bath before nap time.  We were working on painting our salt dough hand prints from our first day of preschool and I had out the yellow and orange paints.  The girls painted their salt dough hand prints WAY faster than I was expecting, so I quickly looked around the house for something to extend our painting fun. Continue Reading

Growing Up

Itsy, Bitsy, Creepy, Crawly Play Date

Super simple Spider sensory bin - perfect for a Halloween themed play date.

We have a standing play date each week with a special group of moms and toddlers.  We rotate hosting duties and it works very nicely for socializing the kids and the mamas.  I love hosting because I love trying to come up with fun things for the kids to do while they are here.

Since we are coming up on Halloween I thought it would be fun to have a  Trick or Treat play date to play with and eat spiders! Continue Reading

Growing Up

Simple Pumpkin Decorations

We are getting going on our pumpkin fun this fall and we have a couple of those dollar pumpkin candy pails.  G loves playing with these and keeps one of them around almost year round.  I have lots of ideas for how to play with these, but we hit on an impromptu activity when some Thanksgiving stickers made an appearance in our house.

G was so excited to have the stickers that before I even knew it, every one in the house had a sticker on his/her shirt.  I thought fast and redirected her decorative talents toward the pumpkin pails and she was happy to decorate the pumpkin with her stickers.

At G’s age stickers are very fun, but they are a fine motor challenge.  Continue Reading

Growing Up

Mickey’s Halloween Party

We are starting what I hope is a new tradition this year for Halloween for our family.  We are going to celebrate with Mickey Mouse at Disneyland!

Disney has set up a spectacular party for selected dates from the end of September through Halloween for families to come and have good clean (un-scary) fun.  It is called Mickey’s Halloween Party and we are invited!

We have wanted to take our girls to Disney for quite some time, but it seemed quite a lot of money to spend.  Our girls are kind of hit-and-miss on outside the house activities.  Sometimes we have a wonderful time and sometimes we have complete bone-crushing, head-pounding meltdowns.  It didn’t seem right to shell out a large sum of money only to get in the park and have crazy-time.  So, I was so excited to hear about this party because it is the frugal way to get a large bang for our little bucks! Continue Reading