Mickey’s Halloween Party

We are starting what I hope is a new tradition this year for Halloween for our family.  We are going to celebrate with Mickey Mouse at Disneyland!

Disney has set up a spectacular party for selected dates from the end of September through Halloween for families to come and have good clean (un-scary) fun.  It is called Mickey’s Halloween Party and we are invited!

We have wanted to take our girls to Disney for quite some time, but it seemed quite a lot of money to spend.  Our girls are kind of hit-and-miss on outside the house activities.  Sometimes we have a wonderful time and sometimes we have complete bone-crushing, head-pounding meltdowns.  It didn’t seem right to shell out a large sum of money only to get in the park and have crazy-time.  So, I was so excited to hear about this party because it is the frugal way to get a large bang for our little bucks!

Here’s the scoop:

  • Mickey’s Halloween Party is selected dates starting September 27th through Halloween night.  On the nights of the party, the park closes early and only people with tickets get to stay and enjoy the rides and fun.  There are lots of activities: trick or treating, costumes, crafts, dance parties, and a special Halloween fireworks presentation!
  • The night of the party, ticket holders can get into the park 3 hours early and stay until the party is over (11 PM-midnight, depending on the night).  This means our family can go and enjoy the park ahead of the party and stay however long we like into the party and not feel the pressure of a 12 hour day in the park.
  • The best part is the ticket price!  The tickets are $67-$74 including parking (a $15 value).  But we have a Disney Rewards Visa card that allows us to purchase our tickets ahead of time for only $51 each!  We are getting our entire family into Disneyland for the best Halloween party of the year for $102!!!!!  I can’t tell you how excited I am for this value!

I am planning on making the most of this experience for our girls and getting them excited and ready for the party!  We are going to do a week of Disney themed activities leading up to our party night (Oct. 21st) and to kick it off, the girls will receive a personal invitation in the mail.

Mickey's Halloween Invite 2

I made this invitation on PicMonkey.  If you are going to the party, you are welcome to save it, add your kid’s name to it (change the date, too, if necessary), print it out, and mail to your little ones.

How are you celebrating Halloween this year?

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